I am kicking off a 6-month spiritual community mentorship program to activate your innate gifts, elevate your lifestyle and alchemize your mind, body, and spirit limitations into unlimited possibilities. 


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In our fast-paced, modern world, it’s easy to feel disconnected from nature’s rhythms and the deeper wisdom it holds. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, there exists a timeless and mystical connection that humans have long cherished: the bond with spirit animals. Across cultures and civilizations, from ancient traditions to contemporary spirituality, […]

Connecting with the Magic and Medicine of Spirit Animals: A Mystical Connection to Nature’s Wisdom

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Have you ever walked in the door of a home or business and just sensed a weird vibe? Whatever it was, you couldn’t get comfortable in that space. But there are other places that feel warm and inviting the second you walk in; where you could literally spend hours. Know this: your natural gut instinct […]

Address Numerology 101: How to Find it, What it Means, and How to Change it

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As a world-renowned Voice and Presence Coach over the last 40 years, Stewart Pearce has inspired change during key moments of history, giving voice to visionary figures like Margaret Thatcher and Diana, Princess of Wales. Stewart helps thought leaders and changemakers achieve a more authentic presence, as they ignite their radiance to broadcast their unique […]

Bringing Great Change Through Vulnerability, Empathy, and Unconditional Love with Stewart Pearce 

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In the mystical world of numerology, each year holds a unique energy, and today, we delve into the dynamic realm of the number 8. Buckle up as we explore this digit’s profound influence on our lives in what is known as an “8-year in numerology.” Get ready to unlock the secrets to success, abundance, and […]

Unveiling the Power of an 8-Year in Numerology: A 2024 Guide to Success and Abundance

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Know Thy Numbers. Know Thy Self. Did you know that September is the capstone month in numerology? September is always the month when Your Numerology Personal Year & Your Numerology Personal Month coincide.  Why? September is the 9th month of the year, and “9” yields compounding energies mathematically and magically. Whatever you add to the […]

September Numerology – The Capstone Month

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Amanda Rieger Green is a world-renowned psychic medium, spiritual intuitive and wellness leader.  Over the past decade, Amanda Rieger Green, MPH has consulted for thousands of clients including Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, world leaders, government officials, communities, institutions, and seekers from all walks of life looking for spiritual connection and a path forward in their […]


Get to Know Amanda and Soul Pathology

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You’ve most likely heard of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, but do you truly understand how these work? The Law of Attraction is a component of manifestation and intentionality; it is the foundation – the beginning route or basis for harnessing your ability to consciously design and interact with your reality. By understanding how […]

a woman who teaches how the law of attraction works is sitting on the grass. she is holding burning palo santo above her head which is emitting smoke. she is clearing her space.

How the Law of Attraction Works

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We all experience the loss of loved ones. This is an especially difficult part of life and our human experience. Grief and loss profoundly affects each one of us personally and uniquely in our journeys. Most of us wonder similar things like: Is my loved one okay? Are they safe? Are they happy and pain-free? […]

Mediumship Development 101: Connecting With Loved Ones Who Have Passed

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We all have intuition. It’s the source of that gut feeling something is or isn’t right or that you should or shouldn’t do something; your inner knowing helping you navigate life. Having a strong intuition helps you connect better with your highest self / your soul, have a deeper trust in your decisions, and develop […]

a woman holding up an oracle car practicing her intuition development

Intuition Development 101: 5 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Innate Abilities

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We all have the gift of intuition. As human beings, we have extrasensory abilities; however, some of us are more developed than others. There are different ways of experiencing your intuition (the intuition types). You may feel things, see things, simply know things, or smell or taste things. These are known as the Clairs – […]

The 4 Intuition Types and What They Mean