For those looking to further their personal development, or groups who are curious and ready to evolve together, Amanda offers a variety of options to connect with her:

are you ready to overcome limiting beliefs and bring purpose to your life?

Kickstart a fundamental healing process with expanded consciousness that will catapult you onto your highest path

what to expect...

Psychic insights you need for greater clarity and validation in your meaning and purpose

Uncover vibrational energies trapped in the unconscious mind, cellular memory, and DNA

Receive unique tools and perspectives to aid you on your personal journey and soul evolution

Shift your outlook into lighter, more intelligent, discerning and intentional frequencies

a transformative journey for your soul

  • A 60-minute in-depth reading, precognitive reflection, and mediumship (if applicable). 
  • Messages and guidance from your past and future self, spirit guides, & loved ones through channeled consultation.
  • Personal & spiritual practical perspectives uniquely related to you and the stage you’re experiencing along your life journey & circumstances.
  • Resources uniquely designed to accelerate your journey and make fundamental changes based on what comes through in your session.



for curious groups ready to evolve together

  • Let Amanda inspire your next conference or event by tapping into the higher consciousness of your group and delivering life-changing messages.
  • Through her teachings, Amanda provides a grounded and strategic way of infusing the natural world with rich tools and resources that lie beyond the physical eyes.
  • Amanda embodies conscious creation - teaching others to meld the scientific and spiritual, subtle and overt, for a practical application of intense personal development.
  • Amanda uses her gifts to a new way forward, integrating ancient forms of intelligence for the evolving, modern day world.



connect with the soul of your business 

  • Organizations have a soul or life force, just like individuals do - when you harness the collective consciousness of the business, you can transform leadership, productivity, creativity, culture & results.
  • Through her proprietary programs and custom-designed services, Amanda provides individuals, corporations, and governing bodies with tools to utilize consciousness, the quantum field and holistic growth.
  • Amanda blends her strategic business background with her extensive precognitive and intuitive gifts to lead a new way forward - with services to strategically respond to the ever-changing landscape and professional evolutions of companies and their people.



your new way forward

  • For those looking for a deep commitment and unparalleled access to utilize Amanda’s gifts to change their lives, Soul Pathology’s boutique concierge service may be the option for you
  • Employ Amanda as your psycho-spiritual consultant with this service that is uniquely tailored for each individual – personally and soulfully
  • After an initial 90-minute in-depth reading and consultation, you will work with Amanda to outline your goals and determine the cadence of your communication
  • Amanda will be on retainer for monthly readings, weekly check-ins, and on-demand access for quick answers via WhatsApp
  • Utilizing Amanda's gifts on a daily/weekly/monthly basis allows her to guide important decisions in your life, find your optimal way through blind spots, and communicate with your soul for on-demand advice to better handle personal, relational, and professional development and decision-making
  • Let Amanda be your secret weapon and guide your new path forward



"Amanda is a remarkable and special soul. Since working with her, I have a newfound confidence. Her readings provide comfort and empower you to take action towards situations that currently challenge or ail you. 
I have been able to identify the ways I impede my growth with regards to career, relationships, and my spiritual evolution. Her readings are so precise that there have been many times she recites the thoughts and feelings running through my head in real-time!"
The insights she is able to access and share are truly individual and specific to whatever situations are circumstances you need guidance on. I HIGHLY recommend Amanda for anyone unsure of “the next step” and needs a little direction. She’ll get you there for sure.

- Chris

"If you’re ready to do the work and up-level your mindset and beliefs, Amanda will be instrumental in helping you along your path. I was truly able to quickly grow in the professional and personal areas of my life.

I was able to release a lot of limiting beliefs and clearly see the changes I needed to make in my life. Over time, I was able to take action as my intuition became louder. I needed to make major shifts in my life! 
Amanda helped me become more mindful and tap into my intuition…the tools and insights Amanda shares are transformative!"

- Alice

"All my life I’ve been a skeptical spiritual seeker- searching to better understand myself, find healing and discover my purpose. That journey has been full of fits and starts and has often felt like I was on a path in the dark. 
But a few years ago I was introduced to Amanda through some friends and all that changed. At the time, I wasn’t sure I fully bought into Amanda’s gifts, but I was hungry for a deeper spiritual connection and personal growth so I attended a group event led by Amanda. The impact was so profound that I quickly scheduled a session with Amanda, and the rest is history."

- John 

"Regardless of your beliefs, Amanda will speak right into your heart. After my reading with Amanda, I felt grounded and more confident. I felt less fearful and more trusting in general, but of myself in particular. I still find myself going back to this reading and discovering new things each time. I highly recommend this reading for anyone that might feel a little lost or stuck or at all curious about something greater than our day-to-day lives." 

- Sohair

"I had had 2 sessions with Amanda and they both sparked a major change in me. Talking to Amanda was so comforting. So many of us struggle to be ‘seen’; Amanda really saw me, the real me, and opened my eyes to the possibilities.
I am a completely different person than I was a year ago when I first spoke to Amanda, in all of the best ways. I am the me I always knew was inside and more evolved in my own skin. I know who I am now, and with that comes a level of confidence and excitement I have never experienced. 
I am so glad I gave the gift of Amanda to myself - both sessions were a life-changing gift I feel so blessed to receive."

- Nicole

"We are kindred spirits! It’s like going to “Soul School” during and after a reading. I love being super present during the reading and then go back, take notes, create themes and listen to it again a few months down the road to get new insights. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!"

- Katie

"First impression of Amanda: she’s either insane or a genius. I listened and re-listened to my reading. Had it transcribed and have read it, highlighted lines, and memorized key points. I’ve decided Amanda is a genius and opted to work more to get in touch with Spirit and to create the life I was meant to have."

- A Peaceful Warrior

"In Amanda’s capable hands, I discovered layers and layers of pain, forgiveness, and multi-layered, multidimensional healing. I left with faith and a great sense of trust in who I am, who I’ve been, and who I’ll always be. I left with faith and belief in people, their journeys, their pain, and their own healing. I left forever grateful to have had this experience."

- Sohair

"This past year has personally been one of the hardest for me. Amanda helped me find clarity and understanding around what has had me in a funk and how to honor those feelings and come through on the other side. That has been the biggest blessing."

- Anne

"I feel that I've grown so much working with Amanda. I feel that it has made me a stronger person, a more relaxed person, along with still being a devoted Christian. I know I can do both and not feel guilty about it. 

I used to be a worrier, but I know that the universe is in control. In the past I've had panic attacks and chronic anxiety but feel as if I've learned so much about energy and how to control my emotions by focusing on positive thoughts and positive energy. My meditation practice grounds me. The universe and religion are all about light, energy, positive thinking and it's truly amazing how everything is intertwined."

- Kathy

"I am so blessed to have found you and have you in my life, as a coach, mentor and most of all a friend.
I learn so much from bearing witness to you, and hearing you articulate your stories helps me to relate and understand myself."

- Jamie

"Partnering with Amanda has been the best investment I’ve made in myself. I’ve grown so much since I’ve started working with Amanda and feel like a completely different person – spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The resources I’ve received have given me the tools I need to continue to go deeper. I love our monthly calls and walk away from them with such affirmation and clarity."

- John

"Since I started working with Amanda, I have learned ways to raise my vibrations, how to feel more grounded and secure. Through her teachings / healing of energies, I have learned how to be in tune with my higher self, my heart, and my soul. I am a happier and stronger person."

- Kimberley

"Amanda has helped me ground into my gifts, heal old wounds and expand into my dreams with an ever growing faith that the Universe and God are wildly abundant and always supporting me.  

I am currently in the midst of harnessing my current career skills as a personal trainer and yoga instructor and using them to evolve into my lifelong call to help the human race expand into space. Talk about a career pivot- finding Amanda has truly changed my life!

Thank you cannot cover it all, Amanda. You are such a gift to this world and I am eternally grateful to have you in my life."

- Gina

"Sooo stinking grateful for you!!! Honestly, Amanda, if it weren’t for your help and ongoing intensive work, I would NEVER be where I am.

My life is totally transformed. 

I would have curled up in a ball and died…grateful!"

- Julie

"I am so blessed that I have met Amanda. I went in thinking that this process of healing would be some magical cure for all my problems. Instead, this process brought to light the problems I needed to face and heal in order to grow. 
Amanda was there with me every step of the way offering me guidance, support, and a whole lot of love. I now feel safe enough to surrender and allow life to flow. I truly believe that no matter what area of life someone is looking to heal, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or all of the above, Amanda will bring light and joy to your experience."

- Larissa

"Amanda, you have an incredible and powerful gift as a healer. I have grown immensely from the work we have done together through your guidance, partnership, and friendship. 
You take a giant ball of emotions that are difficult to see through, sort them out, and shed clarity, peace, direction, and light. You equip me with tools to aid in my growth and development both during our sessions and to use on my own.
I am so thankful and blessed to know you.

- Jenn

take a deep breath and start practicing mindfulness now

Next to your bed, get a note card and write down whatever you need in your day:
  • "Today, I am available for...happiness, freedom, love, stability...."

At the top of your daily "To-Do" list, write:
  • "The items on this list are successfully completed with joy, ease and abundance of resources and expansive time and energy"


Take a moment to concentrate on your breathing:
  • Inhale: ("I am....")
  • Exhale: ("Grounded, Present, At Ease & Abundant..")
Repeat three times

Each morning when you wake up, before grabbing your phone, glance at this note card and fill in the blank. Repeat 3 times. Then go about your morning routine. 

This is a curated meditation experience specifically designed to support you in strengthening your personal point of attraction. It can help you find a greater sense of peace and ease in your day, help heal anxiety, depression, an overactive mind, fear, physical pain, and so much more. With 36 total meditations, this dedication will support you in enhancing your intuition, mediumship development, expanding your joy, and finding sustainable clarity.

an 18-day journey dedicated to strengthening your point of attraction


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7 days of intentions

Ready to kickstart your point of attraction towards living and expressing a higher vibrational life?

Discover and activate the profound power of your point of attraction in 90 second bursts of time each morning and evening. 

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This meditation is devoted to activating dormant, intelligent memory in your heart, cells, and DNA, and consciousness, creating an expansion of awareness, enlivening light encoded filaments in the subconscious, harnessing clarity of intuition, and personal empowerment.

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