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Are you interested in finding inspiration, engaging your innate abilities, and awakening your Soul’s highest potential? Join renowned spiritual intuitive, psychic medium, and wellness leader, Amanda Rieger Green, for thought-provoking spiritual dialogues and intuitive readings designed to uncover and harness your deeper meaning and purpose.

From intuition, numerology, astrology, and mediumship, to the law of attraction and more, Amanda guides listeners through life’s ebbs and flows by sharing her insights, tools, and resources. She also invites guests for moving discussions, dynamic live readings, Q&A and more!

This interactive, monthly podcast brings together a tribe of curious seekers hungry for greater personal meaning and spiritual development. Are you in?!

I'm so in!

Recent Episodes

Steven Forrest


Astrologer Steven Forrest joins Amanda to talk about how the planets guide the evolution of our souls, develop our higher consciousness, and show us our optimal path in life! Having received praise from the likes of Sting, Robert Downey Jr. and Oprah Magazine, Steven is an exceptionally talented astrologer, writer, and lecturer who wrote his first book on astrology in the 1980s to immediate critical acclaim. 



How Astrology Can Help You Understand Your Meaning and Purpose

Rave Reviews

I’ve been listening to all of Amanda’s episodes, and I love them! Amanda is so gifted. She is such a strong channel for spirit that my sister was able to come through loud and clear and I cried happy tears for most of the session.
Amanda is brilliant in how she connects with people. She is honest, vulnerable, compassionate, and funny. She just feels like an old friend from moment one. I feel so grateful to have had a reading with her. 💕

- Natalia

All I can say is WOW! I listened to this weeks' podcast yesterday on my way to work and…I felt like you were talking to me!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest of the world!!! It really has changed my life!!

- Andrea

Soul Sessions Podcast has been a literal life line for me as I have been navigating a season of loss, trauma and spiritual confusion. Your words are so encouraging and uplifting and have a way of providing the exact insight I need at the moment I need it. Thank you for being that voice of encouragement. You have more impact than you know!!

- Tiffany

Amanda’s inspiration and guidance is a gift to the world! A breath of fresh air! This podcast rocks. Listen and learn more about yourself. Even when she is reading for her guest, it still seems like she is speaking to your heart and giving you life lessons and guidance!

- Peggy

This is my favorite podcast. Every time I listen I get so inspired and up lifted!! I usually will listen to an episode multiple times because I always leave inspired.

- Sarah

I’m only one episode in and I love this already. I had a reading with Amanda a couple of years ago that change the trajectory of my life. I am forever grateful for her gifts.

- Mary

I just finished the first episode and I cannot wait to see where Amanda takes us in this spiritual journey. I got chills multiple times and it’s like she’s speaking directly to my soul. I’m ready for this awakening!

- Megan

hi, I'm amanda rieger green. welcome to soul sessions!

I’m a psychic medium, spiritual intuitive, claircognizant, and passionate spiritual & public health advocate

Which really means - I can talk to spiritual guides, hear people’s thoughts,  see future paths, and talk to your Soul. I connect with your Soul; your higher Self; your greater consciousness; the part of you connected to God and your divine source. Everyone has the ability to connect with their highest self. With my gifts - I get out of the way and become a vessel for people’s Souls to flow through to inspire them with their own innate abilities.


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