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Are you interested in finding inspiration, engaging your innate abilities, and awakening your Soul’s highest potential? Join renowned spiritual intuitive, psychic medium, and wellness leader, Amanda Rieger Green, for thought-provoking spiritual dialogues and intuitive readings designed to uncover and harness your deeper meaning and purpose.

From intuition, numerology, astrology, and mediumship, to the law of attraction and more, Amanda guides listeners through life’s ebbs and flows by sharing her insights, tools, and resources. She also invites guests for moving discussions, dynamic live readings, Q&A and more!

This interactive, monthly podcast brings together a tribe of curious seekers hungry for greater personal meaning and spiritual development. Are you in?!

I'm so in!

George Noory


George Noory, host of the phenomenally successful Coast to Coast AM radio show, joins Amanda to talk about his desire to solve the great mysteries of our time! In their conversation, Amanda and George talk about the changing nature of reality, artificial intelligence, UFOs, energetic hitchhikers, utilizing your God-given talents, energy & the quantum field, and having an open mind to expand your consciousness! 



Being Intrigued by the Unexplained with
George Noory

Rave Reviews

"My first meeting with Amanda blew my mind! 
My dad was a police officer for 18+ years. Growing up we had a “code word” that I knew to ask anyone who tried to pick me up from school so I knew my dad sent them. 

The first few minutes into my meeting with Amanda she asked me, “Did you and your dad have a code that would let you know he was there?” I knew this was my dad’s way of telling me he was there and there was no way Amanda could have known this without speaking to my dad." 

- Kimberley

"She brings a playful and light touch to every session that makes a seemingly heavy process fun. She is a modern alchemist turning dark intro light and most importantly she is able to laugh and have fun while doing it."

- Larissa 

"Working with and meeting Amanda has been such a blessing in my life. From the time I had my first reading with Amanda I felt as if she was a friend and that my soul was connected to her.

When I had my first reading with Amanda I was going through a really tough time. I had found out a few months before that my fiancé was cheating on me and he had moved out. All I wanted at that time was for Amanda to either tell me we were going to get back together and get married or that I was going to meet someone amazing. She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but instead told me what she was seeing and so far what she said has been absolutely true."

- Kathy 

"Amanda- my hero, that’s how I have Amanda listed in my contacts. Because she is! 
She got me in touch with my son who died from a car wreck just a few months after the accident. He crossed over much too early, at the age of 26. It was so comforting to communicate with him, and she captured his spirit so genuinely. 
She heals, guides, teaches, and nurtures. My spiritual path is exciting to walk because of her, and for this, I am so grateful!"

- Stephanie 

The first reading I had with Amanda happened to be just hours after a friend of mine had passed. I didn’t know she had passed at the time but couldn’t believe Amanda had been there to bring me messages of comfort before I knew I needed it. Since my first reading, I have received messages from family members and past versions of my Self, received guidance through challenging times in relationships, and even redirection on my life path.

- Gina 

"My reading was so powerful! I continue to process and integrate it. Every minute was impactful. 

Thank you Amanda! Your gifts are astounding and I heard words I’ve been waiting for my entire life, especially from my Mom and your amazing mediumship. 

You have a client for life in me and I will stay in touch with you for sure! Your energy is lovely."

- Maggie 

"Sessions with Amanda are like going to 'Soul School'"

- Katie

"Through her reading, I found so much peace in my dad’s sudden death. Amanda has a way of communicating with love and honesty that makes it easy to understand and resonates with your soul."

- Kimberley 

"The information Amanda has given our family is truly life-changing, especially the work she has done with our daughter. 

Amanda sensed and brought to light both subtle and deeply amazing information. It helps immensely as a parent to figure out what your child is going through and what path their life might take. 
I now feel armed with the right information to nurture unusual abilities in my daughter. I feel like I have a real ally in spiritual matters in Amanda, which is very hard to find."

- Brooke 

hi, I'm amanda rieger green. welcome to soul sessions!

I’m a psychic medium, spiritual intuitive, claircognizant, and passionate spiritual & public health advocate

Which really means - I can talk to spiritual guides, hear people’s thoughts,  see future paths, and talk to your Soul. I connect with your Soul; your higher Self; your greater consciousness; the part of you connected to God and your divine source. Everyone has the ability to connect with their highest self. With my gifts - I get out of the way and become a vessel for people’s Souls to flow through to inspire them with their own innate abilities.


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