your new way forward

  • For those looking for a deep commitment and unparalleled access to utilize Amanda’s gifts to change their lives, Soul Pathology’s boutique concierge service may be the option for you
  • Employ Amanda as your psycho-spiritual consultant with this service that is uniquely tailored for each individual – personally and soulfully
  • After an initial 90-minute in-depth reading and consultation, you will work with Amanda to outline your goals and determine the cadence of your communication
  • Amanda will be on retainer for monthly readings, weekly check-ins, and on-demand access for quick answers via WhatsApp
  • Utilizing Amanda's gifts on a daily/weekly/monthly basis allows her to guide important decisions in your life, find your optimal way through blind spots, and communicate with your soul for on-demand advice to better handle personal, relational, and professional development and decision-making
  • Let Amanda be your secret weapon and guide your new path forward