Soul Sessions: Summer Solstice, Capricorn New Moon, and Facing Our Fears

The combination of the Summer Solstice on June 20th, a full moon in Capricorn, and Saturn and Neptune both standing still in Pisces, is creating a potent mix of energies for the next few weeks. We might feel disoriented, off-kilter, unsettled, delusional or divisive. Our emotions could cloud our judgment, making it hard to see things clearly.

There is something being activated within us that is unresolved – deep, karmic challenges, fears, wounding, suffering, or disease that are bubbling up to the surface. It’s time to courageously face these fears: What is not resolved within you that if you were to face, would give you the release, freedom, clarity and courage to do the healing work that’s needed? How are you limiting your destiny? 

This is a turning point in the year. Change is inevitable, and the energy for the next 30 days provides an invitation to adapt and evolve. We might feel a strong urge to escape, but the key is to lean into our intuition and trust ourselves.

The unusual planetary alignments might make us feel like we’ve lost our usual intuitive nudges. Don’t give up! Instead, see it as an opportunity to fine-tune our inner compass and learn to listen to the subtler signals from the universe. The key to navigating this intense period is to find stillness within ourselves. By quieting our minds and bodies, we can better understand the messages being sent our way. 

The Summer Solstice, on June 20th under the sign of Cancer, is a powerful time to listen to yourself and your soul. Create sacred space to honor the moment: take a bath, light a candle, do an epsom salt clearing, meditate or journal. Spend quality time in communion with yourself to reconnect with your true nature and rediscover the small moments that truly bring you happiness.

The full moon in Capricorn, following the solstice, is a time to take action on the insights we’ve gained. It’s about mastering our energy and expressing ourselves authentically in the world: What are you getting clear around internally, and how are you taking action to express it externally? 

The period between June 20th and July 21st is potent for growth and transformation. We may be reevaluating limitations and making big decisions to level up. Take healthy action, show up, be accountable – but surrender the results to the universe.

Remember, you are not alone in this. There are tools and resources available to help you navigate this intense, but ultimately transformative, period. Find your stillness, listen to your inner voice, and embrace the changes coming your way.

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