This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the energy of the number 8. This guidebook will empower you to align the energy of 2024 with your personal journey, enabling you to handle the year’s ups and downs with confidence and motivation.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the 2024 Numerology Guidebook!

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Soul Sessions: How to Clear Your Energy with Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is one of Amanda’s favorite tools for cleansing and clearing your energy!  


Amanda has been using epsom salt for over a decade – she sees results in how she physically, emotionally, and energetically feels after using it!


Epsom salt is a detoxifier – it pulls the toxins out and water is not only clarifying, purifying, cleansing, but also a conductor & amplifier. 


This process will allow you to use your intuition and imagination: 


Keep your epsom salt near your shower to use as a body scrub – grab a handful, use it to scrub your body (being mindful) towards the end of your shower. 


Use your voice and say: 

  • “I am cleansing and clearing my energy”
  • “Any low vibrational energies – worries, doubts, fears – anything that is clinging on to me, any residue (energetic, mental, emotional, physical) that is not mine to process, that does not belong to me – I am cleansing and clearing it”
  • “Hey God, I am cleansing and clearing this – take this from me”


Visualize the energy flowing into the drain:

  • “Hey Earth, will you please take all of this energetic residue- this fear, this doubt, this worry, this stress, this anxiety, this pain – please take it and turn it into something pure and useful. This is not mine to process. I am removing the residue.”


Finish with: 

  • “Thank you God/Earth, my energy is clear, I am clear, I am present, I am aligned, I am joyful, i am a vessel of light” 

Rinse & Repeat! 

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