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Soul Sessions: Thinning the Veil with Numerology: Master Numbers, Angel Numbers, and More

Welcome back for Part 3 of our Numerology series!


In today’s episode Amanda covers: 

  • What are Master Numbers and why are they so important?
  • Angel Numbers: what does it mean when you see repeating numbers? 
  • Why do we say 11:11 make a wish? What should you wish for?
  • How do you calculate the numerology for the day & use it to your advantage? 
  • What is address numerology? 
  • How can you change the numerology of your home to attract new energy for your life?
  • What number do you want for your home if you’re trying to sell your house?
  • Is car numerology a thing? 


Listen in as Amanda continues her deep dive into numerology – decoding numbers, tapping into their energies, and sharing how they can guide and direct us in our daily lives!  


If you missed it, check out Amanda doing live readings on the Carla Marie & Anthony Show:

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