September Numerology – The Capstone Month

Know Thy Numbers. Know Thy Self.

Did you know that September is the capstone month in numerology?

September is always the month when Your Numerology Personal Year & Your Numerology Personal Month coincide. 

Why? September is the 9th month of the year, and “9” yields compounding energies mathematically and magically. Whatever you add to the number 9 or derivatives of 9 will reduce down to the number you add to 9. 

9 + 7 = 16
1 + 6 = 7

Or Derivative of 9 Example: (9 x 4 = 36; 36 is a derivative of 9)
36 + 7 = 43
4 + 3 = 7

Amanda Rieger Green, a renowned psychic who works with Numerology, is holding sage in the air and looking up at it.

What is a personal year in numerology and what does it mean to me?

A Personal Year in Numerology shows you the energies and themes of your evolutionary lessons for the year and how to navigate the highs and lows with strategy and results. The energy is triggered during the calendar year on January 1st. 

There are two schools of thought. Both apply:

A Personal Year in numerology can be calculated from birthday to birthday OR on the calendar year January 1st. 

Personally, I repeatedly see evidence of overlap in the energies and lessons. Both can be used to maximize your strategy and attain greater insight, clarity, and results. 

In this blog, I will focus on the Personal Year and months calculated on the calendar year. 

How do I calculate my Personal Year in Numerology?

The Personal Year is derived by adding the month and the day you were born to the current year (2023 = 2+0+2+3 = 7).

Step 1:
Numerical month you were born + Numerical day you were born = Sum of your birth date 

Step 2:
Sum of your birth date + 2023 Universal Year = Sum of Your Personal Year

Step 3:
Reduce the Sum of Your Personal Year by adding the numbers together to equal a single digit.

The final sum equals Your Personal Year in numerology.


Birthday = November 3rd (the year you were born does not calculate into your personal year)

Calculate: 11 (month you were born) + 3 (day you were born)  = 14  (the sum of your birthday)

14 (sum of your birth date) + 7 (2023 Universal Year) = 21

2 + 1  = 3

Personal Year = 3

The Personal Year lessons are learned through the energy of the 3. 

*Once I show you the calculations for your Personal Month in numerology, I’ll review the energies and strategies of each number.

What is a personal month in numerology and what does it mean to me?

A Personal Month in Numerology shows you the energies and themes of your evolutionary lessons for the month and where to focus your energy, what blind spots to expose and how to connect the dots with your Personal Year energy and lessons. 

How do I calculate my Personal Month in Numerology?

The Personal Month in numerology is derived by adding Your Personal Year to the Current Calendar Month’s Number  (January = 1, February = 2, and so on).

Step 1:
Your Personal Year + Current Calendar Month’s Number = Sum of Your Personal Month 

Step 2:
Reduce the Sum of Your Personal Year by adding the numbers together to equal a single digit

The final sum equals Your Personal Month in numerology.


Let’s use the 2023 Personal Year 3 again from the example above.

3 (Personal Year) + 9 (We’re currently in September, which is the 9th Month)  = 12 (sum of your personal year)

1 + 2  = 3

Personal Month = 3

See the mathematical magic? The 9th month, September ALWAYS matches the Personal Year with the Personal Month in numerology. 

How do I use my Personal Numerology practically and strategically?

Knowing and effectively using your personal numbers for the year is a practical and strategic formula for success. Numbers have energies. When you are aware of the energies of your numbers, you gain clear insight and can effectively focus your energy.

Jump to your personal year and month:


A year of individuation, new beginnings and drive

Go get ‘em leader!

I AM focused and confidently expressing my individuality and personal vision through my actions and integrity while recognizing my limitations and asking for support along my journey. 

Tip: There is a tremendous amount of drive and momentum perpetuated by the energy of the 1. Use your energy wisely. Be mindful of burn-out or stopping and starting. 

  • Who am I?
  • What do I like? What do I love?
  • What do I want? What do I desire?
  • How do I express my individuality?

Do I believe I can focus my energy, express myself and step into my unique abilities this year?

Blind spots

  • Selfish and self-centered attitudes and behaviors.
  • Acting alone and forgetting to ask for help and/or insight.
  • Overactive self-will, impulsiveness, reactive attitudes or behaviors


  • Volunteering or being of service (with no strings attached).
  • Asking for help, collaborating.
  • Seeking peaceful solutions, listening to both sides, responding versus reacting. 


Personal focus | Clear goals | Confidence | Leadership

The strategy for the 1 Personal Year applies plus these tools & tips

What are my goals for this month? What is my strategy? Who will I solicit for support? 

Hint: Remember to be a team player. You can be a leader but also, pay attention to & practice jumping in and willingness to support others.

What limiting attitudes, actions or behaviors are keeping me from obtaining my goals this month and this year? 

Blind spots

  • An underlying drive or sense of urgency to accomplish goals without weighing all factors
  • Impatience, aggression and forced action.


  • Discernment, research and planning
  • Clarifying who you are (what you stand for, value and how you cultivate personal meaning or purpose in order to set aims and goal.
  • Patience, pause, practicing responsiveness and the ability to listen & receive.
    • Recharging your batteries (rest & downtime) is imperative or you’ll face burnout that generates anger or resentment.


A year of growth through relationships, trust, and developing intuition

When I point one finger, three point back at me!

I AM balanced, trusting, while facilitating reciprocity and interdependence in all aspects of my life this year.

Tip: Relationships can be intimate, professional, family, friends and your relationship with both yourSelf and your higher power. 

  • How do I show up and express myself in relationships?
  • What do I value in relationships? Do my current partnerships uphold these values?
  • Are there any unhealthy relationships I am willing to change or let go of?
  • What does interdependence mean to me? How can I incorporate this into my interactions with myself, my higher power and others this year?
  • What relationships are balanced and reciprocal? Why?

Blind spots

  • Unhealthy or no boundaries / Codependency.
  • People-pleasing or manipulation.
  • Taking everything personally


  • Interdependence.
  • Embracing peaceful people, attitudes and interactions into your life.
  • Recognizing not everything is about you; gather the facts before jumping to conclusions.


Trust | faith | Balance

The strategy for the 2 Personal Year applies plus these added tools & tips

  • What relationships do I value? (Reach out and express your appreciation)
  • What can I learn about myself through my relationships?
  • What do I like?
  • What might I  be willing to change?
  • Where am I inflexible, impatient and/or stubborn in my connections? Am I willing to clean up my side of the street and practice forgiveness?

Blind spots

  • Inability to forgive or change a limiting/rigid attitude or viewpoint.
  • Mistrust or untrustworthy behaviors.
  • Ignoring your Truth or intuition


  • Reciprocity and seeing both sides of things.
  • Trust (acting trustworthy, practicing trust, trusting yourself, trusting in your Higher Power).
  • Cultivating intuition, listening to your gut, visceral responses or immediate impressions.


A year of creative self-expression, authentic communication and charisma.

Attraction and promotion!

I AM genuine in my self-expression, impeccable in my word, willing to communicate with integrity and creating joyful experiences and interactions for myself and others throughout the year. 

Tip: This is a big year of transparency in communication. You’ve got one mouth and two ears. Listening to your inner voice and others before communicating will harness your success. 

  • How can my social skills and networks help to connect authentically and support my growth/vision?
  • How do you connect and extrovertedly express yourself (even if you’re introverted by nature) – Think Quality interactions not Quantity
  • When do I feel optimistic, joyful and inspired? Prioritize that!
  • Am I willing to take an honest appraisal of my communication skills?
  • Does my inner voice match my words/actions? If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.

Blind spots

  • Excess, overdoing it and scattered behaviors (socially, emotionally, mentally, physically).
  • Disingenuous interactions, sarcasm or class clown behaviors  
  • Overcommitting and underperforming
  • Mood swings and inability to intelligently/healthfully communicate or process emotions


  • Quality over quantity.
  • Authenticity and impeccability in your words and actions. When are you genuine or in integrity with yourself in your personal expression?
  • Practicing emotional intelligence; allowing the healthy flow of emotions rather than bottling them up
    • Pause. Feel (identify the emotion intellectually with the physical sensation in your body). Breathe.


Creativity | Joy | Continuity

The strategy for the 3 Personal Year applies plus these added tools & tips

  • Does my yes mean yes and my no mean no? (is my communication honest and authentic)
  • When do I feel creative? Am I willing to create time for creative self-expression this month?
  • Can I prioritize fun, socialization and networking this month?
  • What kinds of experiences am I attracting this year (relationships, professional interactions, spiritual disciplines, health and so on)? What can I learn from this?

Blind spots

  • Inconsistency (in actions and communications).
  • Lack of vulnerability or willingness to open up intimately.
  • Extreme overwhelm, feeling scattered or on sensory overload


  • Deliberation and discernment.
  • Volunteering or being of service with no strings attached.
  • Ground. Feel your body. Scope out your environment. Practice self-observance.


A year of clear vision, effective organization, laying solid foundations and strategy.

Play the long game not the sprint!

I AM clear in my vision and harness my skill-sets in building a stable foundation that supports security and well-being in all aspects of my life this year. 

Tip: 4 energy is all about cleaning house (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). When in doubt, start with your health routine and habits or reorganizing your home environment.  

  • Where can I economize my energy for greater efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction?
  • What clutter am I willing to minimize or clear out?
  • Don’t overdo it. This is about the long game not the sprint. Build a solid foundation internally and through healthy routines and step-by-step processes.
  • Where am I inefficient, spinning my wheels or experiencing analysis paralysis?
  • Identify where you’re unclear, unfocused or insecure. Eliminate clutter one thing at a time. (literally, clean out a messy drawer, reorganize your pantry, do the laundry, clean out your email inbox).
  • How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time… (remember, long game)

Blind spots

  • Controlling, rigid or inflexible behaviors.
  • Dogmatic or overly-cautious attitudes and perspectives.
  • Not asking for input, ideas or support. Forgetting your curiosity.


  • Tolerance, open mindedness, curiosity and compassion.
    • For yourself and others
  • Focus on realistic and practical goals. Reward yourself for completion of jobs well done.
  • Finding spontaneity, fulfillment, satisfaction of a job well done and usefulness in routine and healthy lifestyle practices. Be a calendar maven, yet “feel” a sense of wholeness or pride in your work.
    • Embody a whistle while your work mentality or perspective

Hint: By the end of a 4 year cycle, you can look back and be astounded at the traction and strides you’ve made when you apply routine dedication and deliberation into your day-to-day lifestyle.


Sustainability | Satisfaction | Honesty

The strategy for the 4 Personal Year applies plus these added tools & tips

  • Do I need to establish, shift or articulate boundaries for overall well-being, happiness and health?
  • Am I working smarter, not harder this month? What can I do to be more present and efficient in my day?
  • Hint: Economize your actions by conserving your output. Leverage your passion with step-by-step processes.
  • What goals do I believe I can realistically achieve in the remainder of this year? Can I find joy in the process? 
  • What’s my plan of action? Where can I delegate? Where is my focus and attention profitable and fulfilling?

Blind spots

  • Perfectionism and judgment.
  • Compartmentalization. Setting boundaries and forgetting to reassess/shift or redefine them if you have a change or heart, experience or energy.
  • Lack of fulfillment and exertion of energy that is not sustainable.


  • Tolerance and compassion.
  • Focus on realistic and practical goals. Reward yourself for completion of jobs well done.
  • Pausing to feel or experience satisfaction. When you complete a task or project, recognize the completion and see if you can experience (even for a few moments or breaths) wholeness, usefulness and “enough.”


A year of personal freedom, adventure, plot twists and luck.

Let freedom & flexibility ring!

I AM embracing change with optimism, excitement and confidence while maintaining an inner foundation of integrity and maturity. I trust that I am always in the right place at the right time.

Tip: Timing is everything. With this energy, when you embrace every experience as an opportunity for growth (some joyful and some painful) you will have breakthrough energy, exponential growth, and feel the luck of the Irish. Luck and opportunity are earned and crystallized through inner stability and peace. 

  • I am free from ________________________this year. (fill in the blank with behaviors, attitudes and routines/actions that limit your personal freedom)
  • I am free to ______________________ this year. (fill in the blank with behaviors/attitudes that create more freedom in your life)
  • Am I willing to plan a small trip or adventure this year (obviously the virus puts a damper on this, so how can you create adventures to look forward to tangibly?)
  • What drama or chaos am I willing to let go of or change my attitude around?
  • Am I able to channel my dynamic energy into something creative and productive? What is that “something”?

Blind spots

  • Creating drama, chaos or diversions. Smoke and mirrors!
  • Rebellious behaviors because you feel trapped (if you’re going to rebel-rouse, check that your passion and motives are pure).
  • Being paralyzed in fear and choosing the escape route (escapism, addictions, denial)


  • Embracing peaceful, harmonious interactions.
  • Identify what matters and means something to you. Focus your energy on your why.
  • Make friends with your fears. Name them. Claim them. Choose to recognize what’s holding you back, keeping you in a trapped or oppressed state and asking for clarity, healing and the willingness to evolve or shift your perspective and step into a position of empowerment.


Adventure | Opportunity | Change

The strategy for the 5 Personal Year applies plus these added tools & tips

  • I experience freedom when I ______________.
  • Freedom means ____________ to me.
  • I feel adventurous when _____________.
  • Where am I inconsistent? Am I willing to be more consistent or accountable in this/these areas?

Blind spots

  • Boredom or feeling trapped/stuck.
  • Inconsistency or lacking accountability.
  • Overindulgence, reckless behaviors and creating drama or thrill-seeking through chaos.


  • Create small adventures to look forward to.
  • Meditate and quiet the mind.
  • Seeking balance, peaceful people & experiences, making time for stillness.


A year of feeling, healing, personal responsibility, compassion and unconditional ________ (fill in the blank). 

Feel it. Heal it!

I AM entirely willing to face all aspects of my healing journey (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) as a rite of passage into evolved levels of awareness, growth, consciousness and happiness. I AM LOVE.

Tip: The energy of the 6 is emotional and deeply sensitive and will create dis-ease in order to feel at ease within yourSelf.  Leveraging your emotional intelligence and recognizing your personal responsibilities can heal life-long wounds, patterning and even clear karma. The pain can be a set-up not a set-back.

  • What in my life needs healing? Am I willing to get out of my comfort zone and accept any hurts or fears as foundational to my healing journey?
    • If so, this is your year to forgive, heal and experience inner safety and security.
  • Who needs my forgiveness (including yourself)? Am I willing to forgive?
  • Where do I feel burdened by responsibility? How can I address this to focus on responsibility to myself and self-care? 
  • What does self-compassion mean to me? Am I willing to recognize my inner critic and replace unrealistic ideals with greater compassion and love?
    • Self-love and self-compassion are often mistaken for meekness when energetically, it is a superpower.

Blind spots

  • Overly protective and micromanaging tendencies.
  • Victimhood or taking everything personally.
  • Feeling burdened by responsibilities (to family, friends, work, life, etc)


  • Focusing on yourself and cleaning your side of the street.
  • Recognizing that not everything is about you. You never know what’s going on in someone else’s head or heart.
  • Finding empowerment and healing through the courageous reclaiming of personal responsibility for your actions, attitudes and behaviors.


Unconditional Love | Compassion | Health & Well-being

The strategy for the 6 Personal Year applies plus these added tools & tips

  • Where do I experience unconditional love? Even in the midst of crisis, panic, change and uncertainty (dig deep and be honest). If you don’t know, that’s okay too. Recognize that. 
  • What is my favorite kind of self-care? What kind of self-care am I practicing / prioritizing?
  • Journal about the emotions you feel this month, especially the fears that arise. Notice any patterns. 

Blind spots

  • Fixing, rescuing or saving others (enabling).
  • Fighting other people’s battles or making their business your business.


  • Self-care 1st. Put your oxygen mask on 1st and then you get to be of healthy, wholehearted service and support to others.
  • Focus on your side of the street. When you show up healthy, whole and in greater well-being, you can be an incredible resource of support for those you care about.
  • Detach with love


  • Does this need to be said right now?       
  • Does this need to be said by me?       
  • Does this need to be said at all?


A year of soul-searching, reprioritizing and recognizing your evolving meaning and faith.

Seek up!

I AM expanding my consciousness and faith through exploring new philosophies (internally and externally), seeking higher wisdom and finding fellowship with like-minded connections.

Tip: The energy of the 7 will push you to think about and dissect what it is that you are seeking and searching for right now on your personal/spiritual journey (on a soul level) and possibly in this lifetime. It is a year for you to go deep, get passionate and allow ideas, desires to percolate. 

  • As a seeker, what do I feel and know that I am intended to share with the world in this lifetime? How do you know that?
    • *This is a BIG question. If the answers don’t come to you naturally, ask your Higher Self to reveal your Truth, meaning and mission to you. Listen for the responses.
  • Where do I feel a sense of purpose in my daily life?
  • What does trust and faith look like to me? How do I demonstrate both? 
  • When am I cynical rather than curious or exploratory?
  • Can I become more inquisitive and practice healthy skepticism to further explore my personal truths, and deeper meaning and intrigue the mysteries of life, myself, and my soul?

Blind spots

  • Detachment and isolation.
  • Self-righteous attitudes and behaviors.
  • Cynicism, aloof attitudes/behaviors, self-righteousness and dogmatic viewpoints.


  • Collaboration & Connection. Associate with like-minded seekers. Find fellowship.
  • Practice a willingness to listen – with both your intellect and your intuition; discernment.
  • Get curious, explore and investigate. Enjoy questioning and connecting dots for yourself and becoming openhearted and open-minded. Moving from right or wrong  thinking to “what if” or “why not.”


Seeking | Higher Wisdom | Spiritual Growth

The strategy for the 7 Personal Year applies plus these added tools & tips

  • What does destiny mean to me?
  • Do I know/trust that I am part of something greater and how do I emanate that in my daily life?
  • Can I place my trust and faith in what I cannot see but know exists? How can I better put this into practice each and every day?
  • Do I sense and feel faith in life itself, even during hardships, limitations and scarcity?
  • Do I argue for the sake of arguing? Do I have to be right or feel that my beliefs and knowledge are superior? Check your motives.
  • Who are the people and relationships that engage, enliven and inspire you? Prioritize those interactions! 

Blind spots

  • Cynicism, meaninglessness, extreme disillusionment.
  • Tests of faith.
  • Feeling loneliness, deep sadness or separation.


  • Spiritual awakening, transcendence and recognizing the divine light within.
    • Incorporating spiritual practices, expanding your belief systems, incorporating new ways of growth, healing and finding meaning in your everyday life.
  • Processing or letting go of worry, doubt, angst and attachment to discomfort.
  • Cultivating kindred & enriching relationships, building / practicing trust, finding connection through learning and sharing information, curiosities and mysteries.


A year of personal empowerment, risk, reward, highs, lows and manifestation.

Stand tall on the inside!

I AM generating an abundant experience organically from the inside out and cultivating an innate sense of renewed vitality through my evolving perspective and personal empowerment. 

Tip: This year is focused on balancing your inner world with your outer world. When you bring your awareness to defining a rich internal value system, both external rewards follow suit. 

  • Do I consistently recognize and acknowledge my internal worth and value?
  • What does self-worth mean to me? What does healthy self-worth feel like?
  • Does inconsistency bother me? Where can I become more flexible in my attitude?
  • When do I act in ego (fear-based action)? When do I act in alignment with my Higher Self?
  • When am I power-hungry or overly competitive? (with yourself or others). 
  • When do I feel empowered and in my integrity? 

Blind spots

  • Power and greed. Finding your worth from possessions, money, and achievements.
  • Fear of or excessive focus on money and finances.
  • Consistently exercising critical, blunt or forceful attitudes and behaviors.


  • Discover empowerment and personal drive internally rather than through external modalities.
  • Cultivating a sense of self-worth from the inside out. Honest financial and personal appraisal.
  • Seek balance, reciprocity and fluid energetic exchanges. Find the balance between output and input, giving and receiving, doing and being.


Abundance | Manifestation | Empowerment

The strategy for the 8 Personal Year applies plus these added tools & tips

  • Where do I feel excited to take some risks this month and put myself out there? (who can hold me accountable – the answer to that this month is YOUR HIGHER POWER – not necessarily your friends)
  • What is the difference in my power versus my empowerment?
  • Do my finances and things/assets define my security and self-worth?
  • When do I experience abundance, richness, wholeness and wellbeing from the inside out? 
  • Do I recognize that I am both a conscious and unconscious co-creator with my reality?
  • Can this empower me to recognize root causes and conditions limiting my health and happiness? 

Blind spots

  • Whatever you focus on grows (positivity and optimism OR negativity and pessimism).
  • Lack consciousness or living in fear/scarcity, imposter syndrome, financial uncertainty or insecurity.
  • Bulldozing, managing life and reactive tendencies.


  • Cultivating an abundance mentally or consciously.
  • Evaluating your internal value system, defining your security, worth and skill sets.
    • Harnessing your God-given talents. 
  • Recognizing the energetic laws of the universe. “What goes up must come down”
    • Turn the 8 on its side and you get the infinity symbol. The energy is always in flux.
    • When you look at life as an energetic flow around anything (money, relationships, love, career, health), you can expand your ability to generate and receive ________ (fill in your blank).


A year of closure, tapping into your innate wisdom, choosing your path of integrity and surrendering to the outcomes.

Let go & Let God!

I AM bravely recognizing and confronting anything that limits my integrity and no longer serves My Highest Good and willing to let go of old aspects of my attitudes, actions and behaviors for The Highest Good.

Tip: The 9 is the sum of all the numbers, wisdom and lessons that come before it. It’s the number of earned wisdom, integrity and the greater good. The 9 says: “Anything less than your highest integrity will create more pain.” This energy creates a tremendous amount of pressure (internal and external) for mastery. Lighten up. Enjoy the ride and know that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. 

  • What baggage am I carrying around that I am willing to let go of this year (mental/emotional/physical – from the collective too)?
  • What does integrity mean to me? When do I feel I am in my integrity?
  • What limiting belief systems/attitudes am I willing to let go of?
  • What does empowered surrender look / feel like? Think of an example of a time you surrendered control, limiting beliefs, to your willpower and you received peace, relief, insight, etc. That’s the stuff you’re digging for.

Blind spots

  • Unnecessary sense of urgency (feeling like you’re running out of time).
  • Feeling overly burdened, responsible or like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.
  • Feeling unrecognized, undervalued, and misunderstood.


  • The Serenity Prayer: God (Higher Power), grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. And, the wisdom to know the difference.
  • Suit up, show up, and contribute with quality and a giving heart. Then, let go and let God with acceptance and peace.
  • Know your worth, value and significance as a spiritual being having a human experience.


Integrity | Completion | Humanitarianism

The strategy for the 9 Personal Year applies plus these added tools & tips.

  • Are there any patterns that I can identify since January 1 of this year that are limiting or hindering my growth and ability to love and live with vitality / purpose? Am I willing to believe that I can change?
  • This is your month of shedding- outdated belief systems, limiting attitudes and anything/anyone that feels or is “less than.” 
  • Are there emotional patterns of behavior with people that I am addicted to? Am I willing to break the cycle? Can I do it? 
  • How can I create greater integrity, peace and freedom in times of uncertainty or fragility? 

Blind spots

  • Perfectionism and unrealistic expectations.
  • Intensity, overly serious attitudes.
  • Recognizing relationships and behaviors with codependent tendencies where your voice, light, or truth is diminished


  • Let go of attachment to outcomes. Do the work & trust the process.
  • Have fun! This is about enjoying the ride, not hanging on for dear life.
  • Redefine any aspects of your life (relationships, routines, ideologies, practices) that feel outdated, misaligned or unsustainable for greater clarity and ability to take healthy action in integrity to life from your heart and your evolved truth.

Use Numerology as a Tool

Numerology is one tool in your personal and metaphysical toolkit that can help you strategize, navigate the highs and lows, and understand yourself (and your blind spots) more wholly. 

In my experience over the years through using personal numerology with myself and clients there has been clarity and breakthroughs around karmic lessons, increased “aha moments” and divine connections, healing happens, and greater meaning and fulfillment is experienced in specific areas throughout the year. 

When you are aware and understand how to use numerology effectively, it can truly create profound shifts in your day-to-day, month-to-month and year!

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