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Soul Sessions: The Numerology of 2023: How to Align with the Divine Codes of the Universe

In today’s episode, Amanda dives deeper into the topic of numerology, the ancient science of numbers which reveals the divine codes of the universe! 

Topics include:

  • The energy, personality traits, and universal lessons of 2023
  • Why September is the capstone month in numerology & the soul-level challenges we face this month
  • Your Personal Year: what it means & how to capitalize on it 
  • How to calculate your Personal Month 

Amanda explores the numerology behind 2023, which challenges us to seek higher wisdom and connect with our inner guidance. 

September is a month where lessons compound – there are soul level challenges we are met with this month & it’s time to double down on our energy! 

Amanda explains how to calculate and use your personal month number, which you can use to plan your actions, make decisions, and harness the cosmic flow.

If you are ready to discover the synchronicities in the numbers and unlock the secrets of your soul blueprint, tune in to this podcast and join us on this numerological journey!

And if you haven’t listened to our previous episode on numerology 101, make sure to check it out first!


Amanda’s reminder for today: “Whatever you focus on, grows!”

September Numerology Blog:

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