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Soul Sessions: Psychic Reading: Dad Comforts Daughter From the Other Side

iHeartRadio Executive, Alissa Pollack, joins Soul Sessions for our first live reading! 


Amanda is a claircognizant and precognitive, which means she’s highly psychic and gets downloads of information from the past and from multiple future probable outcomes. When doing a reading, she sees multiple probabilities and opportunities. Amanda communicates the highest, brightest path forward for optimal living and personal growth, directly from your soul’s guidance.


When Amanda says “they” she is referring to soul or spirit – the higher self or higher consciousness of the person she is reading. The part of you that is connected to God, the divine, the universe – the collective wisdom. They show up multi-dimensionally, multi-faceted; not masculine or feminine, rather all things – words, music, sounds, metaphors, code. 


A reading with Amanda is like a 3-way phone call – there’s the person Amanda’s reading for, there’s Amanda as the vessel communicating for the soul, and there’s human Amanda acting as the peanut gallery, interacting and commenting alongside. 


Amanda is also a medium. Sometimes deceased loved ones show up in readings but not always. 


During today’s reading, Amanda shares that Alissa has innately kind, extremely empathic, and telepathic intuitive gifts in how she can read the room in a business meeting or just know when someone is about to call her. 


Alissa’s grandmother and father come through to share important messages for Alissa, guiding her in taking care of herself and finding comfort in her father’s passing. 


Thank you to Alissa for bringing open energy to our first live reading! 


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