Get to Know Amanda and Soul Pathology

Amanda Rieger Green is a world-renowned psychic medium, spiritual intuitive and wellness leader. 

Over the past decade, Amanda Rieger Green, MPH has consulted for thousands of clients including Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, world leaders, government officials, communities, institutions, and seekers from all walks of life looking for spiritual connection and a path forward in their personal evolution.

In 2023, Amanda teamed up with iHeartMedia, Inc. and Premiere Networks, a subsidiary of iHeartMedia, and launched a syndicated podcast called Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green. The podcast offers free services and expertise through thought-provoking dialogues and intuitive readings designed to uncover and harness your deeper meaning and purpose.  

Amanda empowers her clients, engaging their innate abilities to create tangible, meaningful results in their daily lives. 

Guided by her belief that everyone is searching for their evolving meaning and purpose, Amanda connects them to their soul’s clearest path to higher consciousness. A passionate advocate, teacher and thought leader, she’s focused on the crucial intersections of spirituality, human potential, public health, and collective evolution. 

Amanda holds a B.A. in Religion from Sewanee, The University of the South and a Master’s Degree from Boston University in Public Health, with dual concentrations in Health Law, Bioethics, Human Rights and Health Services.  She’s also a certified yoga instructor (200 Hour RYT) and Reconnective Healing practitioner.

Amanda’s Journey

Over a decade ago, Amanda embarked on a journey where her life changed forever…

Her spiritual awakening revealed Amanda’s ultimate calling to live, teach, and inspire transcendent awakening, growth, and alignment through the integration of spirituality, psychology, biology, metaphysics, quantum mechanics and humanitarianism. 

Amanda’s spiritual interest began at a young age with a “knowing” that paths to God are not singular, but plural, vast, and multidimensional like the stretching branches of a great tree. Her precognitive and psychic medium abilities manifested throughout early childhood but were suppressed due to insecurity and misunderstanding.

After continuing her spiritual quest in academia, Amanda climbed the ranks in organizational and business development as a healthcare executive while simultaneously battling trauma, addiction, and depression, during which her psychic abilities fully came to fruition. 

What is Soul Pathology?

In 2015, Amanda developed Soul Pathology, a method designed to connect a person to their soul’s innate wisdom through intense personal reflection.

The healing of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual immune systems and assessing their sustainable viability is a fundamental part of what is revealed. Soul Pathology looks at the pathos for dis-ease within the bio-spiritual framework of an individual or a collective.

Soul Pathology not only aligns you with your desires in this lifetime, its aim is to integrate the human and spiritual you so you work in tandem with your higher self and begin to find the flow of life rather than the resistance. 

Through Soul Pathology, Amanda communicates an image of the highest, best self and reflects that image back in a provocative and endearing way. At the very core, it is learning how to understand, embrace and live your truest self. 

Amanda uses this technique to help individuals and organizations alike access their innate potential and abilities through her unprecedented and internationally recognized expertise. 

She follows the needs and goals of her clients to provide groundbreaking solutions for their unique practical objectives and visionary aims. 

How it Works

Amanda enters the quantum field through an altered state of consciousness, accessing higher levels of intelligence and evolved energies that enable her to share highly personalized and specific information with clients.

Her process and gift initiate significant cognition shifts, bridging the intersection of ego and consciousness, the self and soul, while building new neural networks for greater knowledge and awareness. 

Amanda is able to access the collective consciousness and psycho-spiritual pulse of an organization – live in person, or through virtual engagements throughout the world, and reflect the information back intelligently and with an innately captivating candor to inspire exponential growth and harness unutilized creative potential.

Using Numbers to Tap into Altered States of Consciousness

Numbers have always been something Amanda has resonated with, and it has nothing to do with math or equations. For Amanda, it’s more about the codes and the frequencies that appear to her when she taps into the energy of numbers.

Amanda’s First Time Connecting with Numbers

2007 was the first time Amanda remembers having a connection to the vibration and deeper meaning within numbers; a connection to the frequency of numbers associated with people’s energy and their soul. 

Amanda was on a business trip and she was driving between Phoenix and Tucson listening to the Tiffany Granath show on the Playboy channel. The guest on the show was expert numerologist, Glynis McCants, also known as The Numbers Lady.

Glynis was taking callers and doing live readings. She would ask for the caller’s birthday, and before she would start her reading, Amanda would innately have a knowing of the vibrations and energies that Glynis would talk about. And then Glynis would talk about those same vibrations and energies.

Amanda was astounded by this, because it was as if she knew what Glynis was going to say or how she was going to interpret the caller’s energy.

Glynis would go on to talk about numbers, their vibrational meaning, their frequency, and the way to use that as a divination tool to tap into other people’s energy.

This was fascinating to Amanda, and it was like a light bulb went on in her soul, her conscious thinking, and her awareness. 

It was as if Amanda had suddenly known or understood Pythagorean numerology (Pythagoras is the father of numerology and the meaning and vibrational frequency decoded in numbers).

It would be many years before Amanda recognized that numbers are not only a way for her to tap in and connect with people’s energy, but also a way for her to drop into an altered state of consciousness. This state opens up a sequence of divine information, divine DNA, and divine blueprints into a cosmic and quantum energy field.

Why Amanda Asks For Your Birthday 

Numbers are Amanda’s gateway to the quantum field. When she looks at someone’s birthday, she can tap into the frequency of those numbers and start to see certain energies that correlate with people who have similar numbers.

Then something very quickly takes over. Amanda is taken into deeper layers of meaning, understanding, resonance, interpretation, and direct connection with somebody’s divine path. She’s then connected with their highest light, their innate sense of being, who they are, their meaning, and their evolving purpose, and she’s able to communicate those things.

Numbers help Amanda drop into this altered state of consciousness, where she is in a symbiotic channeling state and able to reflect back someone’s energy, where they’ve been, where they are today, and where they’re going in the highest path forward.

This is why Amanda asks for birthdays when giving readings.

Your birthday gives her a basis to tap into your energy, and very quickly that number code opens up and illuminates your soul essence. Amanda is able to translate and communicate this in a meaningful, purposeful, and practical way. She gives you all the tools, resources, insights, memories, understanding, validation, familiarity, and both limited and unlimited ways of being, not only on a human level, but on a soul level in all aspects of your being.

Amanda’s Services

If getting to know Amanda, Soul Pathology, and how she connects to your energy has you feeling inspired to work with her, Amanda offers a variety of options to connect!

For those looking to further their personal development, learn more about Amanda’s individual sessions.

For groups who are curious and ready to evolve together, learn more about booking Amanda for a speaking engagement or event.

For organizations who are ready to connect with the soul of their business, learn more about booking Amanda for corporate consulting.

For those looking for a deep commitment and unparalleled access to utilize Amanda’s gifts to change their lives, learn more about Amanda’s concierge services.

And if you’re just looking to dip your toe into the spiritual and personal development world, Amanda has lots of free and lower-priced resources for you to explore.

You can also follow Amanda’s podcast, Soul Sessions, and sign up for her newsletter to stay up to date on new resources and insights.