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Soul Sessions: Mediumship 101: How Amanda Learned She Was A Channel for Spirit

Amanda shares her personal journey developing her gifts of mediumship this week- including the first time she connected with a spirit she knew, receiving a beautiful message from her grandmother!


Although Amanda knew she had a connection to the spirit world from a very young age, it took some of the most painful moments of her life for Amanda’s gift of mediumship to become clear. 


Amanda’s struggle with alcoholism, addiction, & depression lead her on a journey through a dark night of the soul where she learned she could also be a channel for darkness if her immune system wasn’t intact and she wasn’t physically and mentally well. 


However, God lifted her up, giving her strength and the message that she was meant to live and love which allowed her to heal her body & mind and become sober. 


Amanda started receiving joyful messages from spirit and realized that she is a channel – which could be for darkness, tragedy, and fear, but also for brightness and light!


She learned that we are sovereign and we have the ability to set boundaries with what we’re able to communicate with. Mediumship doesn’t have to be a scary thing if you set the intention that you are only looking to connect with God’s love and energy. 


We each have the ability to protect and keep our energy safe whether you’re wanting to connect with your loved ones who have passed, or looking to harness positive energy in your daily life.


Amanda shares tips on how to find a medium, how to make it a successful experience, and how long to wait after a death to make that connection.


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