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Soul Sessions: April Aries Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

This episode is one you don’t want to miss! How are fear and chaos working in your favor? 

April is the punctuation month of 2024 that accelerates our path forward into greater sovereignty, agency and love over fear, if we choose to be warriors of our own light. This is the time to face your deepest fears, heal chaos and be in the eye of the storm. 

This episode is jam-packed with Mercury Retrograde and Aries Total Solar Eclipse energy insights, astrology details, dates to be aware of and how this impacts you personally. 


FEAR ASKS YOU: Are you going to…


Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise


Amanda goes into detail around the 3 numerology of April, Mercury and its retrograde phase impact in Aries throughout the month, the exact Chiron conjunction with the Solar Eclipse, Jupiter conjunct Uranus, the last total Solar Eclipse in Aries (curiously this last time this happened was on April 8th 2005 at exactly 19 degrees, the same day 19 years later on the same date at the same degree) and more. 


What is the hybrid asteroid comet Chiron?

Who is the wounded healer? 

What is wounded within you, and are you willing to heal it?

How will you become the Hero or Main Character of your story this month?

How are you using your instincts?

What does NASA & Cern’s Hadron Collider have to do with all this?

Take a listen to The Soul Sessions Podcast with Ally Fallon – Write Your Own Story for support and practical journal prompts of becoming the hero or heroine of your own life. It’s time to live, be and embrace yourself as The Main Character in your story!!


If you haven’t listened to the Soul Sessions April Energy Forecast, it’s got a lot of great insights for the entire month of April and around Mercury Retrograde and the Eclipse to help you navigate into higher consciousness, 5-dimensional energy and your path of empowerment!


If you can join us in Austin, Texas on May 7th, please do! This is an intentionally curated and divinely inspired event to activate higher consciousness, accelerate and ground in your path of empowerment and higher, brighter living. Get tickets & learn more!  Plus, Austin’s oldest apothecary, The Herb Bar is joining us with magical plant medicine to enhance and support your multi-dimensional healing journey. 



Nasa Eclipse Trajectory

Nasa Launches Sounding Rockets into the Moon’s Shadow During the Solar Eclipse

Chiron Sign Tables (for those of you curious about what astrological sign your natal Chiron is in)

Chiron in Astrology – the myth, the wounding and the healing through all the signs & houses

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