A magical night celebrating the new moon with live psychic readings, a guided meditation, and Q&A with psychic medium & spiritual intuitive Amanda Rieger Green.


Unveil your inner light and embrace the magic of the new moon at this empowering evening of connection, inspiration, and healing!

Receive live psychic insights: Amanda Rieger Green, a renowned psychic medium and spiritual intuitive, will share potent messages and guidance through a group reading.

Ask your burning questions: During the Q&A session, Amanda will address your personal curiosities and offer practical tools you can integrate into your daily life.

Connect with your soul tribe: Mingle with like-minded individuals who share your journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Deepen your connection: Participate in a guided meditation to connect with your inner wisdom and higher self.

Experience the power of the Taurus New Moon: Harness the grounded yet expansive energy of this astrological event for personal transformation.

Leave feeling empowered: Gain clarity on your purpose, meaning, and the path forward.

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this is your chance to:

Align your mind, body, and spirit

Activate your potential for personal growth

Connect with your higher consciousness

Contribute to a collective shift in positive energy

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Don't miss this special opportunity to ignite your inner light and join a community of empowered souls!

There will be a special VIP experience beginning at 6pm. Limited tickets available, grab yours today!