What’s Your Endgame?

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Be still. Listen to the wisdom of your heart  …after your emotional outbursts.

Be still. Listen to the wisdom of your heart
…after your emotional outbursts.



Recognize when you become mentally, emotionally, physically & energetically bogged down.

Narrow down multiple-trajectory outlooks, and aim to simplify.

Ask: Is my heart in this?

Allow the “heck yes” or “heck no” guide the way.

If it’s a “meh” {aka, maybe, maybe not}, Pause.

  • Seek clarity.

  • Look, Listen & Trust the certainty {inner knowing or personal truth } will be revealed through a receptive heart.


Can you delete an “earn” mentality and replace it by opening your heart & mind up to a “receiving” consciousness?

Tip: Slow down enough to get present and pay attention to your emotional intelligence (your feelings not someone else’s).  Our sensitivities can be excellent indicators of what we are healing, detoxing, or shifting.

Expanding your self-awareness is a critical key to empowerment and enlightenment; even when painful, there’s freedom in knowledge, fear-facing. 

Why? Because through awareness and deepening your self-knowledge {recognizing your exemplary and shady behaviors alike}, you get to figure out the strategy to respond with greater effect and elevated. 


  1. Invest in one overarching personal aim for this month – love, stability, freedom, happiness, health, significance, clarity, etc. 

  2. Put on your adulting hat, regroup & assess what personal responsibilities are yours to tackle.
    Discern those which are not around manifesting your personal aim.

  3. Suit up. Show up. Take practical action.
    Let go
    of excess work or scattered energy.

  4. Ask your Higher Self to divinely orchestrate circumstances for the attainment of your aim in the Highest Good and through heart-centered motivations.

  5. Relinquish attachment to the outcome(s). 


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CAN YOU view uncomfortable situations as wake-up calls to action for making functional modifications in your attitude, actions, interactions (maybe setting or resetting some boundaries), and beliefs in order to create deeper internal security and connection?

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It’s an inside kind of job month, yet external experiences will trigger a refocus of our inner lens for the discovery of new landscapes of ease within.

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Think about becoming the author and narrator of your story or experience.

Get clear, conscious, practical, take action then allow the universe to respond.   


  • Use “downtime”  as an opportunity for intentionality taking care of yourSelf

    • Be aware, people may feel in need of your time, advice, and support this month. 

    • Only say yes or show up if YOU feel/are well-rested, nourished or this could backfire and you’ll be left feeling depleted rather than sustained.

  • Recognize that not everything is about you or yours personally to troubleshoot.

    • Clean up your side of the street and let others take responsibility for their part

    • Communicate healthy boundaries (it’s a good example to yourself and others) with confidence.


When setting a boundary, can you bravely detach from any arising torments and angst you self-impose as a result of giving someone the opportunity to assume responsibility for themselves and their wellbeing?


  • Fixing, rescuing, or saving others (enabling)

    • Check your motives! 

      • Are you fighting other people’s battles or making their business your business? 

  • Taking other people’s actions, attitudes, or behaviors as a personal affront

    • There’s a whole lot of sh** going on in the world- most likely someone else’s outburst, impatience or self-centered behavior isn’t about you nor is it yours to carry. 

      • Where can you detach compassionately, cease fighting them or yourSelf?

DISCERN between overprotective and/or micromanaging tendencies and practicing acceptance or relinquishing control.

Think, Speak & Live, The Serenity Prayer

“God, grant me the serenity to Accept the things I cannot change,
the Courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.”




This stone aids in focusing awareness through the integrity of personal responsibility, creating coherence between the Higher Self and the Human Self. 


  • Fosters a natural receptivity to peace, love, and kindness, both internally & externally.

  • Organically supports overcoming or healing fears and karmic patterns limiting or blocking your soul & life meaning and destiny {human and divine clarity}

  • Activates higher consciousness, self-awareness, rich dreams, interconnection with your Higher Self, and astral travel (great for enhancing your meditations)


Pay attention to your experiences and how you react/respond in October, as they will likely reveal personal themes and precognitive experiences slated for 2022.

Mindfully Note that what’s blocking you will likely be revealed through painful and confronting experiences.
Use these clues to recognize misalignments.
Identify the alignment as your endgame. 

Focus on your heart-centered endgame.
One Vision | One Aim

Pour your heart, soul, and strategic genius into your aim while you’re doing it. 
Have fun!

The vibration and experience of fun, joy, and enthusiasm will propel you to new heights and magnetically spread your brilliance like waves in the ocean along the way.

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