This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the energy of the number 8. This guidebook will empower you to align the energy of 2024 with your personal journey, enabling you to handle the year’s ups and downs with confidence and motivation.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the 2024 Numerology Guidebook!

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Soul Sessions: Who Am I and Where Do I Belong? Navigating Life After Breast Cancer

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and losing her job a few years ago, our listener Katerina is struggling with finding a new position and trying to figure out what’s next for her in her self-described “middle age”. 


Amanda gives Katerina a live psychic reading with messages about:


  • Getting clear with the voice in your head
  • Throwing out the idea of middle-aged 
  • Feeling clueless in life 
  • Figuring out where you belong professionally 
  • Finding a sense of fulfillment from the inside out 
  • Attracting & respecting your money
  • Noticing pleasant no-strings-attached interactions 


Amanda also talks about the importance of shifting your language and noticing your internal dialog. She reminds Katerina about the power of your voice: semantics matter!! 


Begin to eliminate words like “can’t” “but” and “maybe.” Instead, be clear and positive – using phrases like: 


  • I am so excited to have the feeling that this is all synchronized” 
  • I am enjoying feeling this encouragement”
  • Thank you God / Soul / Universe”
  • “I needed these things, I deserve them, and I want more”
  • Thank you for the divine orchestration of things even when I don’t know what’s coming down”


And one final & important reminder from Amanda: “We can always begin again…at any time!”

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