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Soul Sessions: Walking Through Hard Moments in Life with the Gift of Signs

Amanda’s client, Jade, joins the show to talk about intuition, mediumship, and signs!



  • Receiving signs from loved ones who have passed 
  • Trauma and pain acting as a psychic gateway & healing old traumas with signs 
  • Asking for signs, looking for them, and then believing them when they come
  • What does it mean to see repeating numbers? 
  • Different types of intuition & how to use those gifts in your professional life
  • Seeing signs as a closed-minded, non-believer 
  • What do different signs mean? 
  • Intention, affirmations, and the power of our minds 


After losing her mother 12 years ago to suicide, Jade began asking for signs that her mom was okay. Trauma and pain can actually be helpful in opening up a psychic gateway to our gifts, and her mom’s passing allowed Jade to connect with her gifts like never before. 


Jade was asking for signs in different ways – messages from her mom, from angels, and from spirit guides when Jade started to see signs in numbers. Oftentimes, the universe attempts to get our attention or respond to our call with repeating numbers or angel numbers. 


When we ask for signs, the first time we get a sign we typically discount it or say it’s just a coincidence and then Spirit/God gives you another one to affirm it. Jade shares how dragonflies and ladybugs have become important signs for her and that even her skeptical husband started to believe in signs after an encounter with an owl! 


Amanda lets us know that we can ask for a sign at any time – we have a massive choir of spirit guides waiting to help us with anything we’re struggling with. All we have to do is ask for a sign, look for the response, and then believe them when they are delivered!


After hearing Amanda on the Bobby Bones Show, Jade took that as a sign and working with Amanda has given her amazing new tools and helped her stay on her soul’s true path in life. 


A sage piece of advice from Amanda: “Sometimes the answers that we want, are not the answers that we need”



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