Soul Sessions: Unlock the Power of Crystals: How Crystals Can Enhance Your Life

Last week, Amanda shared her guide to working with crystals and today we share Part Two of the conversation as Amanda answers your questions and dives into the best crystals to use in any situation:


– Protection or energetic fortification  

-Balancing yin & yang

-Enhance your psychic connection 

-Aid a broken heart 

-Babies, kids, & pets

-Physical ailments or chronic disease 

-Grief or soothing pain & suffering

-Clear the energy in a room

-Intuitive development, enhancing your extrasensory gifts, and dream recall

-To connect with your loved ones on the other side or your spirit guides 

-Focusing and grounding 

-Activating romance, sexuality and sensuality 

-Inspiration, passion, joy, and happiness 

-Being present in your body, mind, and actions

-Regenerating creativity and passion 


Amanda answers your questions about crystals: 

-Which crystals should you avoid wearing too long? 

-Which crystals love essential oils? 

-How many stones should you work with at a time? 

-What is a crystal grid & how to use it? 

-How long should you charge your crystal grid under the moonlight?

-How to create a new moon ritual

-How to use a crystal grid to clear the energy of a room

-Why you should create a crystal grid under your bed

-Where do precious metals and gemstones fit in? 


Remember these tips to use your crystals effectively: 

-Trust your intuition

-Be practical  & reasonable 

-Don’t second guess yourself 

-Cleanse & energize your crystals 

-Experiment and have fun

-Put them in your bra, pocket, car, desk, vanity

-Work with 2-3 at a time 

-Meditate with them 


For more guidance, explore Amanda’s free Crystal Guidebook, find 4mm (women) or 6mm (men) bracelets on Amazon for the crystals you want to work with, or head to your local metaphysical store to get started! 


How do you work with crystals & which are your favorite? Send us an email:

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