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Soul Sessions: The Mess is the Treasure: Navigating Parenting, Loss, and Divine Timing

On today’s episode, Amanda shares a reading with our listener Natalia who has been struggling with a challenging season of parenthood, the loss of her sister, and learning how to better harness her intuitive gifts:


  • Amanda explains that children being born today have gifts and abilities that we can’t always relate to and helps Natalia recognize intuitive ways of helping her children navigate difficult phases
  • Natalia’s sister comes through in the reading to explain her passing from a drunk driver 12 years ago and shares beautiful messages that can help shed light on your own experience with losing a loved one
  • And- Amanda dives into how Natalia can tap into her gifts of reading auras and energy fields! 



This episode provides insight not only on parenting and loss, but also on your relationships (including your relationship with yourself). If you’ve lost someone dear to you, we hope that this session gives you peace, deeper understanding or insights or intuitive hits that connect dots for you. Remember that everything is connected and this is a big month for learning through relationships. Always go back to the thought: What is this teaching me? What is this showing me?


Amanda encourages you to utilize your intuition in relationships – check out her blogs on developing your own gifts: 



This is a good time to think on a bigger picture: What is my meaning and how can I be influential? 

Give yourself grace, and be patient with yourself & others! Trust that everything is coming together from a divine place that may not be in our reach yet. The element of hope is so crucial to accelerating your experience and finding your happiness!


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