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Soul Sessions: The Bobby Bones Show’s Morgan Huelsman on Changing the World, Finding Love, and What’s Next for Her Career

Morgan Huelsman, Digital Director for The Bobby Bones Show, joins the show today for a reading!


Morgan is turning 30 and looking for what’s next in this upcoming chapter of her life. Amanda shares insights on Morgan’s perfectionism, recognizing where she can relinquish control and learning how to find the fulfillment, sense of peace, ease and freedom she desires.


It’s a year of decisiveness for Morgan; a time to trust her gut & be spontaneous. Amanda encourages Morgan to lean into excitement, focus on using her voice, and take risks. 


Amanda holds space for Morgan to talk candidly about trust issues built up over the years – both professionally and personally.


After being in challenging relationships and having not so great dating experiences, Morgan is struggling to find her person. She opens up about looking for love but having the fear many of us share at some point or another-  “what if my person is not out there?” or “what if there’s not someone that knows how to love me for me?”


What’s next for Morgan’s career? Amanda shares some exciting opportunities on the horizon…she’s in her dream job, but what comes next? What does it look like? 


Morgan’s fiery grandmother comes through with supportive messages and reassurance that she will help Morgan her person – someone who will finish her sentences and be a perfect match just like her grandma and grandpa. 


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