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Soul Sessions: Soul Sisters: Growing Through Family Trauma and Holding Space for Loved Ones

We have a very exciting episode today because Amanda’s sister, Mimi, joins the show!

In this episode, Amanda and Mimi delve deep into their personal journey, exploring the highs and lows of their relationship, the revelations they’ve had along the way, and the growth they’ve experienced through pain. 

Mimi shares her front-row perspective from the early days of Amanda leaning into her mediumship abilities and tells amazing stories of Amanda’s gifts in action and how her messages have shaped lives.

The sisters also discuss the complexities of family dynamics and how they can lead to both wreckage and healing. 

Topics they cover: 

  • Challenging, difficult, dysfunctional family dynamics 
  • Growing up in a divorced family
  • Feeling out of place within your own family
  • Dealing with estrangement following a sudden tragedy
  • Alcoholism and addiction 
  • The process of reconnecting after a period of separation
  • Divine timing and intervention 
  • The lessons you learn from your family of origin
  • Holding space for your loved ones to cultivate their gifts and passions

Amanda and Mimi share their personal family stories to help others navigate their own challenging family dynamics – this is your reminder that healing can happen and the best gift that you can give your loved ones is time, space, and understanding.


About Mimi:

Mimi Rieger is a renowned yoga instructor in Washington D.C. with 25 years experience who hosts international retreats and has graduated hundreds of students in her yogi training. Mimi has a unique ability to get people into their bodies and tweak anything out of alignment with their spirit.


Follow her on Instagram @MimiRiegerYoga and check her out online

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