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Soul Sessions: Pisces New Moon, Spring Equinox, & Practicing Energetic Boundaries

This month is jam packed with a lot of significant energy!! In this bonus episode, we’re talking about the powerful new moon on March 10th. 


The new moon is a great time to manifest and set your intentions. The moon is about your inner life, your subconscious, your soul, your emotions, and your deepest, innermost essence and self! There is a big astrological transit happening tomorrow when Mars is squaring Uranus. It signals a breaking down of systems – but how can you think about that personally? 


  • What have you learned this year? 
  • Where have you grown? 
  • Where have you been called to action? 
  • How are you responding differently?
  • How are you maturing? 
  • How is your perspective shifting? 
  • How is that affecting your actions? 


The new moon on the 11th is a potent time of insights and downloads – it feels like a turning point in the year and it‘s a great time to get clear in your actions & intentions. Set believable intentions for the next 30 days:


  • Today I am experiencing…I am appreciative of…I feel…
  • Today I am grateful for manifesting…I am blessed to…I am capable of…
  • Now it is my intention that I am completely aligned with the opportunities set before me…
  • I know…love, sustainability, security, healthy relationships, healthy processing of grief…


Journal Prompts: 

  • What in my life/heart/head needs healing? 
  • Where can I release judgment? 
  • Where am I super critical? 
  • Where can I release my grip and surrender?
  • When do I feel wildly alive, inspired, and enriched? 


March 19th is the Spring Equinox which signals a changing of the guard along with the changing of season. It is a new beginning with revolutionary, firestarter energy. Connect with this beautiful, intelligent planet and ask the earth to sync with your energies on the 19th. It’s time for a quantum leap!

Plus Amanda explains how to manage your energetic boundaries! 


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