This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the energy of the number 8. This guidebook will empower you to align the energy of 2024 with your personal journey, enabling you to handle the year’s ups and downs with confidence and motivation.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the 2024 Numerology Guidebook!

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May Energy Forecast: Clear the Clutter & Take Back Your Power

Amanda shares what astrology and numerology has in store for us in May! This month is about getting clear on what you value, cleaning house, getting ready to make a change, and building community! 


Simply over amplify this month! Organize your life to organize your mind:

  • Put the laundry away
  • Make your bed 
  • Clean up your vanity 
  • Wipe the toothpaste out the sink 
  • Wash the dishes right after you use them
  • Remove trash from your car 
  • Clear out your closets


Don’t play checkers with your life – play chess and think of the bigger picture! Ask yourself:

  • What is this teaching me?
  • Where am I growing?
  • How am I evolving?
  • How can I be better?
  • How can I do better?


Power dates with astrology this month:

  • May 1st Super powerful day to set intentions, get clear, & make shifts! Change your address numerology to a 4 to streamline, clean, & orchestrate your life. 
  • May 7th New moon in Taurus which means practical magic! It’s a wonderful moon for community, nurture, and connection. Build something into reality, set intentions with your family or have a strategy session with coworkers. 
  • May 15th Mercury moves into Taurus – use it to get clear on what you want and know! What do you want? Why do you want it? What do you know? 
  • May 23rd Full moon in Sagittarius: a good time to think about your belief systems, expand consciousness 
  • May 25th Jupiter enters Gemini which is about consciousness. How we communicate, how we use our inner voice, clarity, and point of attraction 


Your recipe for magic and success: Honesty, Openness, and Willingness


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