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Soul Sessions: Love, Self-Worth, and Clarifying Your Point of Attraction

Who are the people you feel most like yourself around? Who are the people you laugh your ass off with? Who brings out the parts of your personality that you love? Who can you be silly with? Feel safe with? 


While most people focus on romantic love on Valentine’s Day, Amanda wants to know: Where do you have reciprocal love in your life? Friendships, family, Divine Love? 


We think that we will finally find happiness when we find love, but as cliche as it is – we need to love ourselves first. 


It’s time to get clear on our values, beliefs and expectations. If you want  a partner who is grounded, consistent, and a clear communicator – are you doing those things yourself? Take inventory on what you are putting out into the universe – like attracts like! 


Amanda shares tips to unblock your energy field and cleanse & clear your aura and we answer a question from our listener, Cindy, who asks: How do you find your self-worth in the journey to your goal? 


Amanda gives helpful advice to determine your values and beliefs & reminds us that we don’t need to judge anyone because we’re already judging ourselves. 



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