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Soul Sessions: Falling In Love With Yourself: Trusting Your Voice, Finding Healing, and the Magic of Timing

We are super excited to meet one of our listeners, Elizabeth, who joins the show today for a spiritual reading as Amanda shares guidance about what’s ahead for Elizabeth’s career, relationships, and shares important messages for her healing journey. 

Elizabeth is a stabilizer – she’s a wise, pragmatic person who works well under pressure, is great at taking care of others,  and has the gift of putting people at ease. And although she’s always wanted marriage and kids, Amanda re-affirms this year is about falling in love with herself first! 

Losing her dad from Parkinson’s at a young age, Elizabeth’s grief stunted her childhood and Amanda provides unbelievably special messages from her father’s spirit about their connection, the signs he sends her, and his desire for her to release her grief and anger.

Listen in as Elizabeth is amazed at Amanda’s ability to recite her inner monologue and deepest desires and share in the wisdom provided from Amanda and Elizabeth’s discussion: 

  • Asking yourself what you really want
  • Releasing control in order to find something greater 
  • Holding space for yourself and letting others hold space for you 
  • Grieving old aspects of yourself and healing from specific chapters in our lives 
  • Time traveling to grief- or anger-filled moments and addressing and the hurt or pain of your inner child 
  • Learning to fall in love with yourself and enjoying the current moment instead of feeling like you’re running out of time 
  • Releasing anger from the loss of a loved one 
  • Believing in divine timing with regards love and family 
  • Trusting your voice, intuition, and the magic of timing


Remember that magic happens when you commit to yourself and enjoy your surroundings!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Elizabeth for her openness, curiosity, and vulnerability. Let her life motto be beacon of inspiration for your week: 

“Be so much yourself that others feel comfortable to be themselves too.” 

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