Soul Sessions: Crystals 101: A Guide to Working with Crystal Energy

Crystals serve as conduits to enhance our consciousness and our healing. They connect with us to help accelerate our growth, grounding us, and granting access to energies or talents that might otherwise elude us. It is important to recognize that we do not need crystals to recognize empowerment, clarity, or healing – the energy already resides within you. 

Crystals are a mineral-rich living object that hold a certain structure and vibrate at a consistent frequency. When we attune to the frequency in which they vibrate, we are able to align our energy fields to tap into or harness those energies. 

Utilize crystals as a resource, a gift that you get to choose to work with. They allow you to work with your consciousness and belief: “I believe and trust this crystal has these attributes and vibrations”. It’s not about giving your power away – it’s about the crystals enhance, attune, awaken, remember and activate cells within your DNA that you are not conscious of. 


Here’s a step-by-step guide on working with crystals:


  1. Set Intentions and Communicate: 

When you acquire a crystal, express gratitude  and intention: 

– Thank you for coming home with me

– Thank you for finding me

– I’m glad to have you 


Hard-wire your intention immediately: 

– May we work together for the greatest good, highest light, and evolution

– As I work with you, may optimal healing unfold


  1. Clear and Cleanse Your Crystal 

– Use salt water or a salt bath (avoid for any salt-based crystals)

– Employ sage or palo santo to clear its energy 

– Rinse the crystal and place it in the sunlight or moonlight for recharging


  1. Meditate with Your Crystal

Hold the crystal in your right hand

– Sit outdoors, play meditation music, and allow energy exchange

– Note: the left side of your body absorbs energy, while the right side emits it 


  1. Research and Learn 

– Explore for metaphysical and healing properties 

– Write your learnings down 


  1. Organically Attune to Frequencies and Energies 

Follow your intuition in wearing the crystal, placing it on your body, or in your home 

– Journal your experience & remember there’s no right or wrong- tune into nature’s wisdom


  1. Monthly Recharge

– Choose an intentional date to cleanse and clear their energy 

– Create a ritual – put them under the new or full moon, or do it on the solstice, your birthday, the first of the month 


  1. Embrace Breakage

– If a crystal breaks, it signifies a breakthrough, healing, or completion: the work is done 

– Thank the stone and meditate to review what you’ve learned or healed through your work together

  1. Respect Nature

– Always seek permission before taking a stone from its natural habitat 

– Listen to your intuitive answer and honor its history and energy 


Remember, crystals enhance intuition and creativity, harmonizing the brain’s hemispheres as you utilize your reasoning and logic along with it. Enjoy the magical, exciting journey of  working with them! 


For more guidance, explore Amanda’s free Crystal Guidebook, find 4mm (women) or 6mm (men) bracelets on Amazon for the crystals you want to work with, or head to your local metaphysical store to get started!

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