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Soul Sessions: Continuing to Heal: A Son’s Comforting Presence After Passing

On today’s episode, Amanda does a reading for our listener, Jessica, who went through an unthinkable loss when her son passed tragically 5 years ago. 

Jessica’s son, Hunter, helped divinely connect us after she asked him for a sign and 3 days later we reached out to her for this reading! Hunter comes through right away to give Jessica messages about his transition after passing, the unique connection he shares with his younger brother, healing guidance for his older sister, and validates an experience Jessica had where she heard his voice. 

Jessica asks questions that we all want to know about our loved ones who have passed:

  • Does he interact with his new siblings? 
  • Does Amanda see him at the same age he was at his passing?
  • Is anyone with him on the other side? 


Jessica’s soul gives her permission to have fun this year and provides a sense of peace that she no longer needs to be looking over her shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop. She receives amazing messages from mother-figures on the other side and exciting information about the gifts her children will develop as they grow up.


For as painful as it is, trauma opens us to seeking, searching, psychic abilities, and finding higher meaning.  This is your reminder that we are not alone, we can get through hard things, and we have a choir of people ready to help us – all we need to do is ask and look for the signs.  

We hope you find comfort and healing of your own from listening to this beautiful session!


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