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Soul Sessions: Being Intrigued by the Unexplained with George Noory

George Noory, host of the phenomenally successful Coast to Coast AM radio show, joins Amanda to talk about his desire to solve the great mysteries of our time! 



  • How George turned his ability to be a good listener into his career 
  • Astral projection and becoming intrigued by the unexplained as a child
  • How having supportive parents changes everything  
  • Synchronicities and our role to engage with the universe 
  • Utilizing our innate God-given gifts and talents 
  • Our inability to keep up with time and technology 
  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid of artificial intelligence  
  • Amanda’s encounters with UFOs


George Noory could have been a dentist if he followed his dad’s wishes, but luckily his experience with astral projection as a child lead him on a path to becoming a broadcaster and investigating the unexplained! Now he talks to millions of people every night and engages in thought-provoking discussions with top experts on paranormal phenomena, alternate realities, time travel, conspiracies, aliens and so much more. 


Amanda has been intrigued by the stories she’s heard on “Coast To Coast” for years and loves George’s ability to have an open mind and a deep desire to expand his consciousness. 


In their conversation, Amanda and George talk about the changing nature of reality, artificial intelligence, UFOs, energetic hitchhikers, utilizing your God-given talents, energy & the quantum field, and having an open mind to expand your consciousness! 


The one interview George will never forget?? Benjamin Creme talking about The Lord Maitreya:



  • “That’s one thing I’ve learned about time: make the best you can right now. Don’t put things off, don’t delay things – and just do what you have to do because the clock just doesn’t stop” – George Noory
  • “I always tell parents: maximize your child’s abilities on what they like to do – don’t try to get in the way, don’t spoil things- enhance what they’re doing” – George Noory 


Books discussed: 

  • “We Are Not Alone” by Walter Sullivan (the book that changed George’s life)
  • “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho (Amanda’s recommendation for George)


About George Noory:


Listen to Amanda on Coast To Coast this Thursday 8/10 at midnight:

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