September Numerology: Trust the Universe to Conspire for You

Did you know that September is THE MONTH in Numerology? The Numerology offers a unique time to access unprecedented creativity, take dynamic, life-changing action towards goals, and make major strides in any healing work you’re doing. Don’t waste a single moment. Here’s why and how.

September is always THE superpower month in Numerology.

Why? September is the 9th month of the year, and “9” always yields compounding powers mathematically and supernaturally. Think of it like the expansive power of Jupiter, or the magnifying effects of Quartz crystals.

Numerology road map for September: Investigating the Universal Numerology + your Personal Numerology. 

Universal Numerology Magic September is a 33 Master Month

3 – Universal Month (September) 3 – Universal Year (2019)9 – September is also the 9th month of the year. 

Here’s how we calculate that:

September is a 3 Universal Month

2019 =  2+0+1+9 = 12   1+2 = 3 Universal Year

3 (Universal Year) + 9 (September) = 12  1+2 = 3 (Universal Month)

Fact: September numerology will always match in Universal Year and Universal Month because of the mathematical magic of the 9. 

9 plus a number always reduces to the number that it is added to. 

Let’s look at 2020 as an example of how this magic will repeat with a different vibration, 

2020 will be a 4 universal year. Why? 2+0+2+0 = 4

September 2020 Universal Numerology9 (September) + 4 (Universal Year) = 13   1+3 = 4 (Universal Month)

Got it? 

Now you know WHY, here’s the HOW.

The how 2 of the number 3-vibe

The numbers road map: If the vibe of the number 1 is about the individual, and the vibe of number 2 is about partnership, then rhythmically, the vibe of the number 3 is about what is created from the partnership of the 2. Get it?  

The 3-vibe offers the gift of maximizing our abundance through…




Contagious Charisma

Childlike Consciousness 

Notice all the C’s?

C is the 3rd letter of the English Alphabet.

In Pythagorean Numerology, the vibration of the C  = 3 

Coincidence? (another C) Nope!  Yet another layer of the 3 frequency boosting our energy to create. 

Questions and prompts to optimize the 3-vibe

The questions below are designed to spark a creative mindset. When answering them, think in terms of 2019. It’s important to look at 2019 in terms of actions, beliefs and behaviors to better understand how the 3-vibe is currently playing out in your energy field. 

  • What does creativity mean to you? 

  • What does creativity feel like?

  • Where does your creative inspiration come from? 

  • How has your creativity manifested in 2019?

  • When & where have you confidently and courageously communicated your creative thoughts, ideas and expressions this year? How has that felt? What have you learned?

  • Have you been authentic in your communication this year?  Hint: Does the voice in your head match the words you speak? 

  • Do you communicate with integrity in all circumstances? Hint: Most of us do not communicate with integrity when we are in fear, flight or fight. Explore what fears or underlying beliefs may limit your ability to communicate with integrity.

  • What kinds of experiences are you attracting this year (relationships, professional interactions, spiritual disciplines, health and so on)?

It is important to understand and know what your creative strengths and weaknesses are. After answering the questions above, can you better understand how your creativity has manifested this year? This is key to tapping into Numerology magic this month and the remainder of 2019.

33 Frequencies: The Master Healer ~ Teacher

The vibe of 33 is similar to Chiron – it offers lessons through pain. When 33 is involved, we receive insight and wisdom on holistic healing that is both practical and karmic. This sort of healing is what leads us to supernatural breakthroughs instead of cosmic breakdowns. If we become willing to look closely at areas of pain, we are given an opportunity to get on with our lives, and even step into a bigger role with our purpose. In September, we have both the vibe of the double 3 AND the vibe of the 6 on our side. 

Why the 6?

3 (Universal Month) + 3 (Universal Year) = 6

6 vibrates the energy of the nurturing Divine Mother, and is the most emotionally empathic of the single-digit numbers.  Think telepathic emotions.

Questions and prompts to tap into the get you into the 33 vibe

  • What in your life needs healing?

  • Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and accept any hurts or fears? 

  • If so, this is your month to forgive, heal and experience peace. 

  • Authentic Communication (to yourself and others) is key. 

  • Are you willing to forgive yourself or someone else this month?What kind of self-compassion 

September 2019 tips to transform the Natural into the Supernatural


Take time to rest and recharge. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself trying to do all and be all. The vibe of the 3 can be “on” all the time. It is imperative that you “create” time to get centered, still and receive. 

SCHEDULE SIMPLICITY.Schedule time to meditate, write, practice yoga, get out in nature or spend time without your phone. Children and pets are highly recommended to help you cultivate the vibe. 


Explore your creativity in the month of September (based on what you identified as your 2019 creativity moments & experiences). Share what you are experiencing, learning and creating with others.

CONSCIOUSLY COMMUNICATE.When you are in your creative mode, whether it is writing, teaching, drawing, dancing, cooking, or whatever gets you psyched up with your divine flow, consciously communicate to yourself and your higher power or divine source what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing in your creative moments. In these moments, pause and write out an intention. When you are in the creative flow, you are in accordance with the divine. In other words, use this vortex of the supernatural to talk to the universe and communicate your intentions with clarity for the month and perhaps the upcoming year. 

As a personal example, when I’m driving and hear a song on the radio that that triggers a memory or sentiment, I feel connected, present, and a sense of conscious emotional awareness, usually joy, peace or gratitude. In that moment, I can throw a Spiritual nod up to my Creator and say “Thank you for this Joy and Connection and Awareness. I AM Joy. I AM Connection. I AM Conscious” When I get to my destination, I can write an intention around these characteristics to further condition and positively influence my energy field: I am joyfully connected to and aligned with mySelf, others, and the universal flow of consciousness, in all aspects of my life.


Intuition is heightened this month. Communicate any intuitive hits to people (using good judgment). The more you practice saying your intuitive hits out loud, the more active your intuition and psychic superpowers become. 

In closing, we want to remind you that a critical component of harnessing the September Numerology is the clarity of your intentions. Here are a few intention pro-tips to help you optimize your wishes and goals: 

Write your intentions.Don’t overdo this. Simply write out three intentions for the remainder of 2019 that you wish to be fulfilled. Pro-tip: You may want to write these same intentions on the remaining New Moons of the year to keep the intentions energized. 

Speak your intentions.When you feel inspired, in a place of love, joy, gratitude or synchronicity (you know, like when you unexpectedly see a rainbow or a stranger compliments your new haircut), say your intentions out loud. They should be clear enough and simple enough that you can recite them on the spot. Example: I find a penny on the ground and say my core intention for the remainder of 2019: I am joyfully connected to myself, others, and God.

Believe your intentions.

You can dream big, but you’ve got to believe big too! Several researchers have illustrated that belief supports intention. Create time to visualize yourself living those intentions out. How will you feel? What will life look like? Who will be with you? 

Trust your intentions.

Trust the Universe to conspire for you. Make the intention, then let it go. Trust that you are heard everytime you write, speak, or visualize your intentions.  It’s like blowing out candles on a birthday cake or throwing a coin into a fountain. Throw the intention out into the cosmos and allow time to let the Divine world get back to you in perfect timing (not necessarily your timing).

Let us hear from you. We would love to see how you’ve been creative, what you’ve created this year that was perhaps beyond your original vision in 2019.  What are you are wanting to dream up and manifest for September and into the fall? We will hold your intentions in the Wise Skies prayer field.