This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the energy of the number 8. This guidebook will empower you to align the energy of 2024 with your personal journey, enabling you to handle the year’s ups and downs with confidence and motivation.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the 2024 Numerology Guidebook!

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September 2020 – Divine Timing, Tools & Tips



Hand’s down, these are two of my favorite crystal energies to connect with and learn from.

BLUE APPATITE is an amazing stone for cellular detox, rejuvenation, thyroid/healthy metabolism, accountability in realizing goals through dedicated, sustainable energy and effort.  

It’s a great stone to wear on your body. I used to have a blue apatite necklace that was a gift (best kind of crystal to have). It was a single stone that fit in that little divot between my collar bones (the place where the heart & throat chakras intersect). It was amazing for mindful eating and “apatite” awareness (allowing me to recognize when I was hungry, satisfied or emotional eating).

MOSS AGATE is a simply profound stone for forgiveness, processing grief, interconnecting the physical body with the energetic body, auric cleansing. 

This stone is one of the most unassuming energies for subtle, yet profound healing. It has been my go-to stone for processing grief, forgiveness, and interconnecting ego and consciousness. A total power-player, right?! What I love about it, is its gentle, humble energies that fuse Earth, Heart and Cosmic wisdom (root, heart & crown chakras) for ego-death and karmic evolution. 

This crystal loves to be outdoors. Put it in your garden or in a potted plant and ask it to connect remotely with you. You don’t have to be in close proximity in order for the quantum healing and evolution to harmonize. The added bonus here is that you’ll get a little mineral and chlorophyll boost from the plant medicine too!

Hint: The combination of these two crystals this month is highly strategic. Apatite rejuvenates and motivates while the moss agate healthfully and wholly aids you in grieving, detoxing and processing aspects of yourSelf that you are shedding as you evolve and shift higher.

September 1st/2nd: Full Moon in 10° Pisces  Karmic junk, get out of my trunk!


During the days around this dreamy, sentimental Pisces Moon, you may experience heightened expressions of your sympathetic nervous system ranging from sadness to anxiety alongside a compassionate, and nostalgic longing for ideals. 

Explore your longings. Whatever rises to the surface, feel it and become willing to heal it this month. Because Pisces is the end-game of the zodiac and connected to our collective consciousness, you can get some karmic junk out of your trunk! 

Shed that sh**! Seriously, the emotional and spiritual detox will aid your physical and mental well-being and sustainable growth, especially with the Sun in Virgo.

Piscean Archetypes:

The Dreamer

The Poet

The Mystic

Soulful Inquiries:

Where am I limiting my ability to experience fulfillment?

Who am I willing to offer forgiveness? 

Who am I willing to offer compassion? 

Are my ego and my soul thirsty for self-forgiveness & compassion? 

Hint: Wait about 3 or so days after the Full Moon to take action on any of the above processes. Pisces can bring subconscious messages to your conscious awareness. Notice. Practice patience and attention to the energies over the days around the Moon and see what arises and shifts, then take grounded action.

Strategy: This is a precious Full Moon for paying it forward with no strings attached. Buy someone’s coffee, text your best friend from high school and tell them that they matter, wash your hands for someone in this world who doesn’t have access to running water. Every unconditional act of service profoundly impacts our universe.

Know your blind spots:

Escapism, avoidance or addition

Creating psychodramas in your head = your magic, magnifying mind

Insider Track: {My personal/spiritual development during this moon}

I’m paying attention to where I’m secretive or fearful of revealing and articulating new philosophies, evolved meaning, and remote viewing revelations. I recognize and shed the motivation for opportunistic affiliations a while back, however, I’m re-examining outdated and healed, conditioned behaviors and becoming willing to re-open my heart to healthier, evolved collaborations.  

Where have I misjudged myself or others that need attention, intention and forgiveness?  

Is my identity a genuine reflection of my inner maturation in all aspects of my life? 

Am I willing to allow the world to see me without fearing judgment? 

September 17th: New Moon in 25° Virgo 

No strings attached!

Ready, set, go. The Virgo New Moon steadies our step, focuses our direction, and supports us in practical action towards realistic and fulfilling goals. This is the energy of the organizer, the strategic planner, and the precise executioner. Use your time wisely. Economize your energy and ask where you are willing to be of service with no strings attached.  Let go of attachment to outcomes and practice acceptance, and you’ll receive with grace. 

~I know, that’s a mouthful, but if you intend for clear focus, it will happen! Trust the process. 

Virgo Archetypes:

The Perfectionist

The Martyr

The Servant

Soulful Inquiries:

How do I exercise my competence? 

Do I feel and believe I am valuable in my actions and skill-sets? 

How am I actionable and accountable in/to my health + wellness?

Where can I recognize victim hood or feeling overburdened and become willing to replace it with revitalized empowerment?

Strategy: This grounding New Moon is ideal for practicality starting new health + wellness routines, exercising & recognizing your competence, organizing, and experiencing satisfaction. 

Be virtuous. Practice Patience. Let go of unreasonable expectations. 

Know your blind spots:

Perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, conditional actions/attitudes

Analysis paralysis and endless business 

Insider Track: {My personal/spiritual development during this moon}

My solar return is less than a month out {October baby}. Lessons from the past year usually resurface and either come back to haunt me or crystalize in earned wisdom. Lucky for me, my natal Jupiter (the planet of opportunity and growth) is in Virgo. During this New Moon energy, I am focusing my energy on loving the people whom I love, just as they are and practicing acceptance with gratitude and grace. 

Intention: My thoughts, actions, and feelings are virtuous and true. 

How do I unconditionally express love, respect, and acceptance of those I care for?

How do I love, honor and affirm the divinely created body I get to live in?

What routines, practices, and devotions will support me in finding greater freedom & well-being (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual)?  

September 22nd: Equinox & Libra Time (from Earth to Air)

Fall in the Northern Hemisphere & Spring in the Southern Hemisphere

When the day equals the night, and the Sun moves into Libra, we are invited to balance the scales and become willing to see things from all angles. 

How will your perspective shift into a higher, more transcendent outlook over the months to come? 

Reflect on where you may have been overly judgmental, rigid, dogmatic, or blinded by emotions. Have you been fighting other people’s fight for the highest motivation or for your ego?

Take time to reassess your motivations and become willing to transcend ego-based drama for the greater good and opportunity to be part of the collective solution with more love, patience, and peace, not less. 

Soulful Inquiry:Are there unhealthy or outdated relationships weighing you down or compromising your integrity? -Become willing and practice rigorously  honesty.

Intention: I balance and harmonize…

~masculine and feminine energies

~internal and external attitudes, actions, beliefs, values, and behaviors

~high and low vibrational energies

~ego and consciousness

~fear and love…for greater coherence and resonance towards evolutionary ends. 

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