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November 2020 – Numerology – Emotions Run High


November is a 6-Universal Month in Numerology


November Intention

I trust my emotional intelligence and feel comfortable and safe expressing myself. I naturally incorporate healthy self-care and love into my daily routine, and in turn, I am capable of being of maximum service to others.

Pro tip: The emotional patterns are likely karmic. If you do the work this month and are willing to feel all the feels in a healthy way, you stand to experience some major karmic healing.

November is a 6-Universal Month in a 4-Universal Year

11 (November) + 4 (2020) = 15
Reduce the 15: 1 + 5 = 6

Numerology Themes of the 6: Emotions Run High

  •  Compassion

  •  Self Care & Nurturing

  • Heightened Intuition

  • Unconditional Love

  • Put Your Oxygen Mask On First! Avoid Gossip, Nit-Picky, Or Overly Controlling Attitudes/Behaviors

The 6-energy is all about the heart, unconditional love, and compassion. It’s the most feminine of all the energies. If there is any month this year to commit to paying attention to your emotions, this is it. Allow whatever comes up (positive and challenging) to flow in a healthy way. When emotions bubble to the surface, name them, don’t shame them! 

The 6-energy will facilitate profound healing if you allow it. Nurture, nesting and home are all themes to work with. Lean into them. Be mindful of any urges to rescue, fix, or save others. The 6-energy is all about taking care of yourself first (your needs and health) before committing to others. Beware of over giving to damsels in distress (men, women, and children alike). 

The 4-energy stimulates analytical abilities and sound reasoning. A masculine compliment to the feminine 6. At times, this energy can feel like a push-pull or Full Moon. Think (the 4 energy is a “thinker”): Opposites attract, and bridge the gap! Tap into this number code by connecting with your emotions and clearly articulating them in a healthy way. Practice self-love and self-care wherever possible. If you can strike a healthy balance between your self-care and your to-do list, you will find flow and harmony versus chaos and resentment.


  • Where do I experience unconditional love?

  • What is my favorite kind of self-care?

  • Can I add self-care to my “to-do” list this month?

  • Can I practice feeling and expressing my emotions to myself as they arise (positive and frustrating emotions) rather than pushing them aside, detaching or over-analyze them?

Journal about the emotions you feel this month, especially the fears that arise. Notice any patterns. These will be keys to success and clarity in December…

A November 2020 numerology excerpt from the 2020 Wise Skies Workbook by Amanda Rieger Green & Tiffany Harelik