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Navigating Wellness: A Deep Dive with Amazon’s Sara Pedersen

Embark on a transformative two-part series as Amanda, founder, Soul Pathology and host of Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green, engages in a profound conversation with Sara Pedersen, Global Vice President of Community Engagement, Amazon. In the first episode, Sara candidly shares her remarkable wellness journey, transitioning from a Type A, overachieving people-pleaser to a self-aware individual living authentically. The insightful discussion delves into healing childhood wounds, unlearning old behaviors, embracing discomfort and the pivotal role of emotional intelligence. Sara’s experiences underscore the profound truth that genuine happiness emanates from within, highlighting the vital importance of individuals taking responsibility for their own wellness.

Shifting the spotlight to workplace wellness in the second episode, Sara draws from her extensive 15+ years of experience in corporate America. She passionately advocates for individuals to proactively take charge of their wellbeing. The discussion covers identifying workplace stressors, effectively managing emotions and the crucial distinction between mental health and wellness. Sara provides valuable insights into tackling burnout, navigating imposter syndrome and the essential role of self-care. The series captures the essence of holistic wellness, portraying it not just as a destination but as an enduring lifestyle.

As Sara Pedersen wisely puts it, “Your failures lead you to better things. Everything happens for a reason. Happiness is not an automatic state – it’s on you.”

Sara Pederson and Amanda Rieger Green on Soul Sessions Podcast talking about navigating wellness

The Importance of Personal and Professional Wellness

In the dynamic landscape of corporate environments, the emphasis on individual and organizational wellness is not just a trend; it’s a strategic imperative. As Sara Pedersen’s journey exemplifies, personal well-being profoundly influences professional success. The integration of wellness practices contributes not only to employee satisfaction and engagement but also enhances productivity and resilience. A workplace that prioritizes comprehensive wellness fosters a culture of creativity, collaboration and optimal performance. At Soul Pathology, we believe in empowering organizations to embrace holistic wellness, recognizing it as the linchpin for a resilient and thriving future.

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Listen to Episode 1: Taking Responsibility For Your Wellbeing with Amazon’s Sara Pedersen

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