Manifesting With The Full Moon Eclipse Through Personal Ceremony

November 30th, 4:30 AM CST

Full Moon Eclipse in 8° of Gemini

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“You create your thoughts; your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.”

-Wayne Dyer

Photo Credit - @cosmiccollage

Photo Credit – @cosmiccollage

The Full Moon is a lunar power portal triggering hidden wisdom and illuminating what may be hiding in plain sight. It’s prime time for setting intentions around healing and transformation.

This Gemini Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse triggers a 6 month energy cycle of subtle shifts in mentalities {Gemini} and outdated patterning in our unconscious {lunar eclipses}.

When the Moon is illuminated through the opposing light of the Sun, we become open to reflecting on aspects of ourselves and present circumstances that may be limiting our empowerment, love and essence. This energy creates tension where we can find healing, shifts in perspective and closure.

The Full Moon phase is an ideal time to receive divine blessings and insights for personal and spiritual growth. These lunar vibrations activate energy for finding practical solutions, ending patterns, and finding a sense of completion to create space for new wisdom to emerge and inspired action to manifest.

Performing a personal ceremony is a simply profound form of communication with yourSelf and the divine. The emotions of gratitude, devotion, and humility that are evoked during ceremonies provide a sacred heart connection to the spiritual power of co-creation and manifestation.

Why do we need our own personal ceremonies? A ceremony offers a physical way to connect with the divine. It is a definitive act for showing the Universe that you want to effect a change or commemorate a special moment.

Ceremonies are cultural traditions that have spanned thousands of years and are practiced for a variety of reasons. While some are conducted as public celebrations, ceremonies can also be created privately to set intentions or to work on spiritual growth.

Ceremonies are both personal and universal.

Something real happens after you participate in a ceremony. The energy inside you and around you changes. Quantum science has proven that joining a clear intention or thought (electrical charge) with a feeling or emotion (magnetic charge) creates a new electro-magnetic force, a new reality. Ceremony does exactly that.” -Book of Ceremonies

The Full Moon + Intentions

During the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse (or any lunar cycle), maximize intentions by performing your own personal ceremony, illuminating what your divine will and inspiration. Ceremony brings us closer to the divinity in and around us. It shortens the distance between our inner and outer worlds. Setting clear, believable intentions, aligning your thoughts and feelings with your words, can manifest clearly into reality.

Intentions set with mind-body-soul coherence work.

Intentions can be set not only for yourself but also to raise the energy of the collective consciousness here on Earth.

If you know the lunar cycle energies and attributes, you can use them to create guidelines for your intentions and better harness the energies. Work with the uplifting and challenging energies effectively, and your results will become apparent more rapidly.

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High Vibes of the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse

  • Multi-tasking that dilutes your ability to complete tasks

  • Hyper-focus and attention to detail that causes analysis paralysis

  • Blocks to writing, editing, speaking, and reading

  • Blocks to clear communication and healthy discussions

  • Anything blocking you from mental health and well-being

  • Any setbacks to micro goals Ending social opportunities that have drained you

{Set intentions for shifts in perspective, completion, or healing in these areas}

Challenging Vibes of the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse

  • Over commitment

  • Overthinking

  • Detachment

  • Indecision

  • Impulsivity Anxieties

{Be mindful of and set intentions for clarity around these behaviors}

Universal Gemini Full Moon Intention:

I detach from fear, mistrust and secrecy in all communications and actions. The right and left hemispheres of my brain synchronize, facilitating mental clarity, empowered discernment and innate trust in every experience as part of the process.

Sample Intentions for the Full Moon / Eclipse in Gemini

I am willing to let go of chaos, confusion, and any over-extending behaviors that stress my nervous system.

I organically finish projects that share valuable information with the world.

I naturally find myself surrounded with experiences and people who support my healing.

I clearly and decisively communicate my thoughts, needs and desires with myself and those around me.

Reminder: it takes time for intentions to manifest. The Universe is co-creating with you at it’s own pace, weaving things together that are in your best interest, according to your unique needs and desires. Unanswered wishes are not mistakes.”

For all the details on the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse energies and additional insight for setting specific intentions, read the November Divine Timing, Tools & Tips


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Photo Credit: @aliamichellephotog

Photo Credit: @aliamichellephotog

“The Gemini Full Moon, Eclipse ceremony offers an opportunity to discern where you can bury the hatchet, let go of over-extending yourSelf, and move forward in greater peace, ease and flow. Go for it! This is about your freedom.

This is an ideal ceremony for anyone looking for clarity or seeking to quiet the mind. It is also a great ceremony for couples who are wanting to come to a resolution or find mutual solutions.

This ceremony is a suggestion. You’re in charge. The beauty of creating your own ceremony is that you get to intuitively make the rules. There is no right or wrong. Your motive, intentions, and humble connection to Spirit is what matters most.

Here are three core suggestions for your Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony:

(1) Conduct your ceremony and set intentions within the first 8 hours of the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse {November 30th, @ 4:30am CST}. This is the most astrologically potent time.

(2) Use the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony as a guide and formulary to embellish and create your own personal magic.

(3) Enjoy yourself—don’t take things too seriously. These ceremonies are intended to be a fun way for you to co-create the life of your dreams while honing your connection with the divine realm.



-Ecerpts of this blog and the ceremony from “The Book of Ceremonies”


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