This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the energy of the number 8. This guidebook will empower you to align the energy of 2024 with your personal journey, enabling you to handle the year’s ups and downs with confidence and motivation.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the 2024 Numerology Guidebook!

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February 2021 Numerology

Inner Reflection + Outer Discretion

Change of heart | Change of mind | Change of action

7-Universal Month | 5-Universal Year

2 (February) + 5 (2021) = 7


February is a month for truth-seeking, soul-searching, interacting mindfully and

strategically with The Divine, and taking discerning action. 

Think: Quality over Quantity. 

The Result: Evolutionary outcomes.



February Numerology Forecast

This is a month for internal reflection around your dreams, desires, and personal vision. You’ll begin feeling like you’re emerging from the hangover of 2020 and curious to dive deep into your way forward in 2021. 

  1. Don’t be surprised if what you wanted or envisioned last month has shifted. The energy of 2021 encourages us to change our minds. The 7 energy may reveal a change of heart and soul.

  2. Don’t rush your action plan. Take the first couple of weeks of this month to contemplate the shifts and formulate your intentions. Hold off on initiating action around new ventures until after the 20th.  

Feb 1 – 10th

Go within. 

Ask for divine insights. 

Pay attention to the signs and synchronicities.

Power Day February 5th 

When in doubt, ask your Higher Self.

Prayer: Higher Self, I trust that an optimal vision will be clearly revealed. 

Feb 11th -20th

Set intentions around your vision.

Trust your Higher Self, Higher Power, and your tribe to support you. 

Practice patience while the universe responds.

Power Day February 14th: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Practice heart-centered patience and observation; more will be revealed. 

Prayer: I trust in Divine Orchestration, for the Highest Good. 

Feb 21st – 28th 

Interconnect your heart and head. 

Act in discernment.

Work smarter, not harder.

Feel and know that your actions are inspired and divinely directed. 

Power Day February 23rd

Be mindful of the people crossing your path; they will influence your personal growth.

Prayer: May my heart, mind, and actions align in love, wisdom, and truth. 

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7 Numerology Archetypes

The Seeker of Truth | The Investigator 

February Numerology Energies -7 vibes

  • Soul searching/introspection

  • contemplating personal meaning

  • Philosophical conversations & connections

  • Interest in personal and/or spiritual development

  • Discovering hidden truths 

  • Redefining beliefs and values

2021 Undercurrents – Energy of the 5

  • Dynamic Change

  • Freedom

  • Rebellion

  • Opportunity

  • Chaos

Potential Blind Spots 

  • Detachment, isolation / overly introverted or secretive attitudes

  • Annoyance, intolerance, self-righteous attitudes 

  • Forgetting to ask for help or guidance {from your Higher Power & Higher Self}

  • Jumping the gun, reacting, over-exerting 

  • Inability to forgive 

  • Over-analysis

Communicate with your Higher Self. Ask, and you shall receive. 

This month’s spending time in dialogue with your Higher Self and Higher Power will reveal the most extraordinary clarity and unveil hidden meaning. Recognize frustration, over-analysis, or superior attitudes when they creep in. Redirect your energy through meditation, time outside in nature {without electronics}, or the arts. 


The February 7 & 5 energy combination can create a push-pull between introspective analysis and swift action. Take time out to align your motives with your goals and personal vision. Ask for divine guidance. Set clear intentions, confidently speaking your prayers to the universe. Trust in the divine timing. Take deliberate, discerning actions.

When mindfully put into play, this combination can help you work smarter, not harder. Use your energy {mind, body & soul} with greater efficiency, experiencing Greater outcomes. 

On the flip side, this energetic combination can be erratic and create a false sense of urgency, generating reactive behaviors, speaking without thinking, and false starts. The 7 + 5 can facilitate utopian ideals. It will insight radical oppositions, intolerance, indignant attitudes, and heart-breaking, potentially irreparable rifts when not grounded. Be mindful, or you may end up having to make amends or do re-work, totally doing the opposite of what this numerology combination is capable of. 

Make time to get centered, grounded, and reflect on the evolution of your personal meaning, thereby gaining clarity around your beliefs and values today.  

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Soulful Numerology Inquiries

What is my personal meaning as of today? ~A big question! 

If this question consternates you, focus on:

Who/what matters to me today?

When do I feel a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and passion today? 

What do I believe today?

What do I value today?

How can I incorporate my personal meaning into my vision and goals for 2021? 

What do I desire and crave throughout 2021? This month? 

~Am I willing to ask my Higher Self & Higher Power to guide and direct me, soulfully, in the Highest Expression of these longings? 

Can I look at opposing viewpoints thoughtfully and strategically with a compassionate lens without fighting or arguing? Can I articulate my beliefs without confrontation? 

-Think bipartisanship. 

What dreams and goals have shifted from the beginning of the year?

-Spend some time reformulating your intentions to support these shifts.

Can I create discipline around my personal/spiritual development practices? 

Tip: This is a great month to initiate a new spiritual practice, take a personal/spiritual development course, prioritize meditation and/or yoga.


Remember, what you first intended for the year may have lost its luster – you may feel confused, uncertain, and frustrated. It’s okay. This will pass, and you’ll re-emerge with greater clarity and Personal Truth if you trust the process and follow the synchronicities rather than trying to force or create them. It’s a month of massive spiritual downloads. Allow time for processing and introspection. More will be revealed.