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2021 Astrology Outlook


Goodbye Capricorn.

Hello Aquarius!

Dear Capricorn, we thank you for rocking our worlds, fundamentally shifting our lifestyles,
busting up dysfunctional systems, reprioritizing everything, forcing us to figure out what matters,
and ultimately look at life’s woes and blessings in the face.

We are stronger.

We prevailed.

Hail humanity.

2021, Enter The Age of Aquarius?

We look forward to innovation, social revolution, and evolution {for better or worse},
the rise of artificial intelligence, and a new age for what it means to be human.

Exciting and terrifying times. The future is now.


We kick off the year in late January / February with a Stellium (5 or more planets in a sign) in Aquarius. Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus.

Focus on the heavy hitters- Saturn + Jupiter. These 2 planets will be impacting us throughout 2021.

Saturn in Aquarius

  • March 2020: Saturn enters Aquarius

  • July 2020: Saturn Retrogrades into Capricorn

  • December 2020: Saturn re-enters Aquarius where it will transit until March 2023, when it enters Pisces.

Saturn asks: Where am I maturing, accepting or denying responsibility, my significance, karmic evolution, and the long game?

A glimpse of Saturn in Aquarius March-July 2020. Think back to this time- a pandemic that emerged and ravaged the planet, collective racial trauma was incited and rioted, bringing to the fore the pulse of a new humanity with all its causes, revolutions, and activism for broken social structures.

What did this unearth or reveal to me?

Prioritize the energy of personal passions, convictions, and fight.

  • Burn-out or burning bridges can happen/conserve energy & intelligence

  • Excitement + Freedom coupled with volatility, destruction, and chaos

  • Turn a discerning eye to hopes, dreams, and contributions to humanity.

This is the age of legacy-building. Change is inevitable. What is outdated and oppressive will no longer stand in this energy – personally and universally.

What’s my legacy?

Do the people I surround myself with support or restrict the attainment of my visions and dreams?

If not, this may be a time when outdated operating systems (professional, personal, social, and communal) become obsolete.


Not all upgrades are glitch free.

  • Choose integrity – What is my High Road?

  • Add compassion to communication while standing firm in my vision.

  • Examine all sides before judgments, conclusions, or resolutions

Technology take-over. A double-edged sword. While technology enables us to instantaneously interact globally, it can compromise our literal human connection, isolating our intimate interactions. Be mindful of technology use, monitoring and profiling.

My humanity, My biology, My ability to love, is sovereign.

Jupiter in Aquarius with small stints in Pisces

December 2020: Jupiter enters Aquarius

May 2021: Jupiter enters Pisces

July 2021: Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius

December 29th (end of 2021) Jupiter re-enters Pisces

Big expansion, revolution, innovation. Unprecedented advancements.

  • Jupiter adds fire to the air sign of Aquarius with progressive, futuristic outlooks

  • Expanded momentum, revealing where I play small or underestimate myself

  • Tests of faith in life and myself

  • Calculated risk-taking wins the game and prompts “right place / right time” energy

Social reform, progressive humanitarian views emerge and affect significant change.

  • The future is now

  • 5g, holographic realities, and all those sci-fi movies become reality.

  • It may feel like the good ole’ days don’t just belong to your parents and grandparents anymore…

Jupiter’s brief ingresses into Pisces

  • Expands & activates the collective, the unconscious, and our spiritual evolution.

  • Compassion, connection, and unity-consciousness will be overarching themes.

  • Mental illness, PTSD triggers, and psycho-social challenges rise


With both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in 2021, humanity will likely never be the same.

People will rise to the call of their passions, convictions and hearts with brotherly love and fight. The demand for change will obliterate many traditions. We will be tested psychologically like never before. Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew.

Mercury Retrogrades = 3 times in Air signs

{January – February – Aquarius}

{March – June – Gemini}

{September – October – Libra}

In Aquarius – internal system upgrade, internal riots, questioning & rebellion, psychological reprogramming

In Gemini – realigning perspectives, curiosity, fact finding, communication styles change, impatience {internal & external}

In Libra – reprioritizing of relationships, balance, values and giving/receiving love and an internal assessment of what is being called into greater harmony and peace

Saturn Squares Uranus = 3 times

{February, June & December}

Saturn in Aquarius {all the details above} squares {makes a hard aspect} to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the rabble-rouser of the solar system and rules Aquarius. In Taurus, Uranus creates Earthly disruptions and fundamental changes to anything that is unsustainable or overly complex. Since Uranus entered Taurus in 2019, our planet has experienced an increase in immense forces of Mother Nature that has been devastating and volatile.

Change or Be Changed.

When Saturn and Uranus face-off:

  • Tension rise in melding the old with the new

  • Traditional ways of thinking, being and doing collide with new innovations, technologies, and systems.

  • Complexity + Simplicity face-off

  • Anything status quo will be forced to change or be destroyed

  • Re-thinking and re-believing what is possible comes starkly into view

North Node of the Moon in Gemini | South Node of the Moon in Sagittarius


Moon Nodes in Gemini + Sagittarius

{May 2020 – January 2022}

From an evolutionary perspective, the Moon’s north node is the single most important point in astrology. It represents two things: Your evolutionary future & How to get there.

-Steven Forrest

The North Node of the Moon represents where we are collectively evolving and growing

The South Node of the Moon represents were we shall no longer travel; where we get pulled back into mistakes of the past

The lessons of the nodes are karmic and help us evolve or resist on both the personal and human collective scales.

The North Node entered Gemini in May 2020 and will remain there until January of 2022. This means the same for the South Node entering Sagittarius dates are the same.

The Mission

Embrace curiosity, considering all perspectives, open-minded attitudes, engaging dialogue & conversations, and a willingness to listen {2 ears, 1 mouth}.

The Healing Journey

  • Softening rigidity, dogma, and staunch opinions

  • Certainty without facts, experience, or evidence

  • Self-righteousness

  • Gossip and mischief-making

Continuation of Gemini and Sagittarius Eclipses

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse – June 2020

Gemini Lunar Eclipse – November 2020

Sagittarius Solar Eclipse – December 2020

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse – May 2021

Gemini Solar Eclipse – June 2021

Sagittarius Solar Eclipse – December 2021

A Taurus Lunar Eclipse sneaks in November 2021 giving us a preview into the upcoming 2022 Moon Node and eclipse energy shifts.

Eclipses trigger 6-month energy cycles that manifest internally, externally, in our personal experience, in our unconscious, in the universal experience, and in the collective consciousness.

Eclipse Cycles = Transformation, evolution, and cycles of death and rebirth.

Eclipse themes throughout 2021


High Vibes

Seeking, soul-searching, information gathering/sharing, and exploration

Initiating new connections

Reaching towards new horizons with an open mind and spirit.

Faith in life itself

Enriching day to day experiences.

Joy de vive.

Be mindful of

False prophets, gurus with no little merit or ulterior motives


Formulating judgments without fact-checking

Rigid dogmas

Inability to look beyond the surface or think for yourself

Gemini Archetypes

The Teacher

The Storyteller or Curious Curator

The Journalist

The Strategy

Information gathering and sharing

Multifaceted self-expression and communication

New connections, areas of interest, and ideas

Ground regularly

Know Your Blind Spots

Over-selling / underperforming

Worry/future tripping

Impulsivity/speaking before thinking {restraint of pen and tongue is your friend}

Not listening or hearing what’s being communicated

Soulful Inquiries

  • Where am I over-committing and under-performing?

  • What anxieties, worries, or stressors am I willing to face and shift my perspective with confidence, trust, and courage?

  • Can I stand still and know that I am enough, just as I am?

Sagittarius Archetypes

The Gypsy

The Student

The Philosopher


Skim the surface, and go deep.

Pay attention. Listen. {2 ears, 1 mouth}

Stay grounded, and reach for the stars.

Know Your Blindspots

Overindulging + exaggeration – watch out for addictions

Unrealistic expectations + making assumptions

Impatience with a side of procrastination {yes, both sides of the coin}

Soulful Inquiries

  • Where do I experience hope or meaning, even when the going’ gets tough?

  • What leaps of faith can I envision myself taking in the upcoming months?

    • What personal edges do I want to explore?

  • Where can I incorporate greater personal freedom in my life?


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