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11: The Master Manifester in Numerology

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I have this one client, who I adore, by the way, and she will text me saying:

“I’m seeing 11:11 everywhere and magic is happening, synchronicities are popping up at every turn! I saw 11:11 on the subway and then got an offer for a prestigious fellowship AND will get paid AND can keep my career running full steam ahead. I dreamt about 11:11, woke up and the guy who I “know” is my soul mate sent me a text saying he wanted to connect.”

Then, a month later I get a text saying:

“Well, I keep seeing 11:11 and everything is going to sh#*!?”

If you’re into numbers and are somewhat familiar with the power of the 11:11, you might think my response would be something like, “You’ve got to get your manifesting straight!” or “Don’t blame the 11!” or even, “Blame the 11!”

I simply say: “I love that you are paying attention.”

A year or so ago this same woman (public figure, successful, appears to have it all, might I add) didn’t pay attention, see patterns or opportunities to engage with her presence. Today she does. Even if the bottom “seems” to feel like it is dropping out, she notices!

The 11 on its own is called the Master Manifester or Master Intuitive in Numerology. The repeating 1s signify two pillars. 1 is the pillar of the human world and the other 1 is the pillar of the realm of spirit – or another “dimension” that isn’t tangible. 

Interconnection: A mutual, reciprocal, synergistic connection between two or more things.

Tapping into the number 11 is all about interconnecting our human, physical reality with a quantum or spiritual reality (insert whatever language you are comfortable with based on your beliefs). You can also think of it as Human Consciousness and God or Cosmic Consciousness. The 11 signifies a bridge between the two: an alignment. I know that the word “alignment” is thrown around quite a bit these days- but the 11 actually vibrates at a frequency where the interconnection between the Human Self (mental, physical and emotional) can communicate with the Spirit Self. In that, there is an alignment and direct line to our innate abilities and divine intelligence.

Can you dial into your Over Soul, that part of your consciousness that is nudging you along to heal and expand, break karmic cycles, and stay chatting with that part of youfor hours at a time?

Unless you’re a Tibetan monk, probably not. However, you can access this consciousness or frequency more easily during certain times of the day, month, and year. The frequency of the 11 helps us connect with our higher self. (I’ll discuss the “how” of the 11 here in a bit).

The number code of 11:11 has been recognized in various ancient traditions. For example, the 11:11 is linked to the end of the Mayan Calendar (12-21-2102 – a number code in itself that when reduced = 11) with the Equinox occurring at 11:11 UT that date. The Mayans were known for utilizing and cracking number codes. Coincidence?

Even Wikipedia recognizes 11:11 as an “auspicious” time linked to “coincidence” and “synchronicity.”

Uri Geller outlines the “auspicious” connection and meanings attributed to the 11:11 phenomenon in his article, Are Your Eyes Attracted To 11.11? Here are some excerpts from the article below:

“Here is something more than the paranormal or numerology – something very fundamental about the scientific and mathematical nature of the universe, involving unary arithmetic.

(a): 11=3, in binary arithmetic. 3 is the cornerstone of the trinity and also Hinduism.

(b): 1 male + 1 female are needed to produce 1 child. Ergo, 1 + 1 = 3, in reproduction.

(c): The building block of all existence since the “the Big Bang” is Hydrogen, which through nuclear fusion has produced all the other atoms known to humankind. Hydrogen is another 11, group 1, period 1, two ones of different type.

(d): The Yin and the Yang are also 11 – two ones of opposite kind, reflecting the duality of the universe in eastern religions and modern computer technology.

(e): Following year 1BC is the year 1AD – another 11, since our modern calendar has no year 0, which is why the 21st century officially began on Jan 1st, 2001.

(f): And finally there is the oddity of the number 10, which historically grew out of counting on our fingers. The oddity is that 10 = 1010 in binary arithmetic – 10:10. HOWEVER, if you count the fingers on your hands in unary arithmetic – no zeros – then 10 fingers, in unary mathematics, = 11111111111 – EXACTLY 11 ONES”

The 11.11 Vibe

So think about this: If the 11 vibrates at a frequency and triggers the interconnection between the Human Self and Soul Self, that perfect yin and yang, then the 11:11 must be the 10G network of interdimensional communication! Maybe more like the 11.11G Network! (light years beyond any technology we are currently using right there, free to all of us and free from harmful EMFs).

The 11:11 has become a popular code or vibration because we often see it on digital clocks or our phones. It wins the popularity contest in number codes for sure. Rightly so, though. It is actually a number code that can unlock super potential or super consciousness if you know how to tap in and access it.

Some Basic Numerology and Math of 11:11 

The 1 in numerology is “The Number 1.” It vibrates at a frequency that exudes independence, individuality, drive, focus and action. It is usually considered to have a yang or masculine energy.

1 + 1 = 2 The 2 in numerology vibrates at a frequency that emits connection, balance, harmony and relationship. It is also considered a yin or feminine energy, thus it is about receptivity and tapping into the more fluid or emotional aspects of whatever energy it is influencing.

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 The 4 in Numerology vibrates at a frequency that resonates with process, order, structure and box checking. It can be quite a pragmatic energy that also is rigid in control freak mode. The 4 is considered a masculine or yang energy and emits more exertion and effort from a space of the intellect or the mind.

I’m breaking this down because it’s important to understand the energetic components of the 1111. You can look at it like two sets of 2s or a sum total of 4 or four 1s. The point is, this has heightened your awareness. It’s got you thinking about the times you see the 1111 on the clock, your phone, the odometer, … On October 1st, 2018 (10 – 1 – 2018) which was an 11:11 portal day (see math and details below), after making social media posts, writing this article, and harping on the 11:11, I sat next to a woman whom I’d never met in a meeting and she had an 11:11 tattoo on her ankle.

The 11:11 can and will appear “virtually” anywhere IF you are paying attention.

What does the 11:11 mean?

Whenever you see the 11:11 code, it signals an opportunity to pay attention, to reset or begin again. More than anything, it jolts us into the present moment. It synchronizes our conscious awareness with our cosmic awareness. It is a moment you have to recognize your thoughts, feelings, physical body and attune to your intuition.

Consider this: If the acknowledgment of the 11:11 (just noticing it) brings you into the immense power of the present moment, the think what could materialize if you add intention plus belief? This is a perfect recipe for manifesting your dreams into reality.

What to you do when you see 11:11? 

Conscious Alignment is the name of the game.

11:11 Game Plan

You see the 11:11 on the clock, your phone, the odometer, etc.

 You notice or are consciously aware of recognizing the 11:11 (conscious awareness of the present moment)

You ask yourself:

1.What am I thinking right now? (mental awareness)

2. What am I feeling right now? (emotional awareness)

3. What is my physical condition (body/physical awareness)

Physical Awareness consists of a quick body scan- what do you notice as physical sensations in the body? (pain, tension, numbness, comfort, etc?)

 4. Ask yourself if what you are thinking, feeling and physically experiencing matchup or correlate in any way.

Hint: There is no right answer. Sometimes your feelings will synch up with your thoughts or your physical body and sometimes not. It’s about the conscious awareness of the conversation going on in your own experience – not necessarily about the context or content of the dialogue.

5. Next you tap into your intuition or your spirit – seeing if you have any insights or awareness coming through. 

Hint: Do Not over analyze this! Whatever pops into your conscious awareness, go with it. It could be a simple word, a smell, something you physically see with your eyes. Go with it.

6. Breathe

Reminder: This is all happening in a minute or less. It is not a lengthy analysis. It is simply an exercise of aligning the varying dimensions of self.

7. Set some sort of conscious intention. It does not have to be profound or perfectly articulate. Whatever arises in your presence of mind, body, emotion and spirit, go with that!

Conscious Intention Examples:

  • I recognize the dialogue between my body, mind and spirit. I honor it.

  • I find gratitude and awareness in the present moment.

  • I send love and peace to the areas of my physical body that are experiencing struggle.

  • I allow clarity to flow to and through me.

  • I send love, compassion and kindness out into the world and the Universe.

  • If you don’t know what the heck to intend, use my fall-back intention:

  • I trust my body to put me in the right place at the right time, in line with my Higher Self and for the Greatest Good.

Do you see the range of intentions that you can play with? Whatever comes to you, intend it and believe in the energy that you send out.

8. Go about your day! Seriously, use the 11:11 energy for the moment it is available and then resume your activities and engagements with possibly a bit more integrity, clarity or awareness.

If you have time when you see an 11:11 or want to capitalize on the 11:11 portal days, journaling and meditation are wonderful ways.

Below are some good journal prompts:

  • What am I feeling today in my body?

  • What is my emotional experience today?

  • What is going through my mind today?

  • How do I connect these experiences of the mind, body and emotions? OR How do they feel disconnected?

  • What does awareness mean to me?

  • When do I feel most present in my body?

  • When do I fully honor and process my emotions?

  • Who do I feel comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities with?

  • When do I create sacred space for myself?

  • Do I practice self-compassion? If so, when? If not, am I willing to feel compassion for myself?

Most importantly, know this: The 11:11 is an opportunity to tap into yourself and the essence of your Soul Self. It is about learning to more readily access the multi-dimensional reality we live in and practice engaging energetically with it. The energetic engagement starts with physical awareness of yourself, your thoughts and emotions.