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September Numerology Bonus: Map out your Mastery

When you know your numbers, you know your lessons. That’s the map.

Let’s take a deeper dive into your personal numerology map this year.

September is the month when Your Personal Year & Your Personal Month sync up.


We each have a Personal Year in numerology that is triggered during the calendar year on January 1st. You’ve felt it, right? When you wake up on the first of the year, something feels different. Maybe it is just in the head, but the actually numerological shift does happen because your Personal Year changes. 


The Personal Year is your key to learning soul-level, karmic lessons and evolving. Inevitably, you will face challenges, successes, and experiences directly related to the number of your Personal Year.

Side note: Some numerologist calculate a personal year from birthday to birthday and others calculate it when the calendar year resets in January. It’s up to you, however for the purposes of this article, we will stick with the Personal Year and months calculated on the calendar year. 

How to Calculate Your Personal Year in Numerology.

Add your birthdate (the month and the day) to the Universal Year (2019 = 3 Universal Year). Here’s the breakdown:

Add the month you were born to the day you were born to get the sum of your birthdate.

Next, add the Universal Year to the sum of your birthdate.

Next, reduce that sum to a single digit. 

The final sum equals your personal year.


Birthday = July 10th

7 (month you were born) + 10 (day you were born)  = 17

17 (sum of your birthdate) + 3 (2019 Universal Year) = 20

2 +0  = 2

Personal Year = 2

So, in the example above, this person’s Personal Year is 2. 

What does that mean? 

Over the course of the year, you will be learning lessons around your Personal Year Number. Let’s say your personal year is a 2. A 2 personal year is an optimal time to focus on relationships. 1 + 1 = 2  You will be learning more about yourself through other people, your partnerships, interactions, and all that is other. It is a year for boundaries and sometimes, lack thereof. The year will create opportunities for more personal balance and harmony in your day to day and overall experience. 

The ultimate lesson for the year will be about interdependence. Interdependence is finding the balance between the individual viewpoint and a partner’s perspective. It’s a healthy, authentic middle ground or well-rounded truth. People will be your biggest teacher. Yeah, that can be challenging. 2 is also a highly intuitive number and thus, will require a reconciliation of head and heart. 

If you’ve done the math already and are in a 2 personal year, some of this is starting to ring true. When you know your numbers, you know your lessons. That’s the map. 

Your personal year in numerology can be used to understand karmic lessons, harness breakthroughs, and generate abundance in specific areas throughout the year. 

When you are aware and understand how to use the numerology effectively, it can truly create profound shifts in your day to day, month to month and year! 

Let’s take this a step further and calculate the personal month. 

You will need to add your personal year to each month of the year. The sum equals your Personal Month.

Let’s use October 2019 as our example month and stick with our person in a 2 personal year.

October = 10th month of the year.

10 (October) + 2 (Personal Year) = 121 + 2 = 3

October is a 3 personal month 

For this person, they are in a 3 personal month in a 2 personal year. 

What does that mean?

During the month of October, they will be experiencing the energies of both the 2 and the 3. The lesson of the month will be primarily felt through the energies of the 3 which generates extroversion, communication, creativity and charisma. This person will feel extra social because they will feel super social and be able to start recognizing their personal year lessons (the 2) of relationship through the lense of the communicative 3. Sound like a lot? It can be, that’s why we have numerologists to help look deeply into the numbers, their codes and help guide us in their lessons to maximize our personal evolution. 

September is The Month of Mastery!

Every year September is the month of mastery in numerology. Every year in September, the Universal Year matches the Universal Month – this is what makes it a special month of mastery. If you’re lost on that one, check out September Numerology: Trust the universe to conspire for you, as it maps out the universal numerology, calculations and magic.Word to the wise: Your Personal Year always matches your Personal Month in September. 

Why? September is the 9th month of the year, and “9” yields compounding powers mathematically and supernaturally. Think of it like the expansive power of Jupiter, or the magnifying effects of Quartz crystals.

Let’s look at our example of the 2 Personal Year again.

September = 9th month of the year.

9 (September) + 2 (Personal Year) = 11

1 + 1 = 2

September is a 2 Personal Month in a 2 Personal Year. It works out like this for all of the numbers. This means there’s double the magic of the 2, double the challenges of the 2 If you’re in a 5 Personal Year then September will also be a 5 Personal Month for you. Again, double the magic of the 5-energy and double the challenges of the 5-energy. September is always the culmination of the lessons you are working with for the year. 

Let’s go back to the example of the 2 Personal Year and 2 Personal Month:

During the month of September, this person is considering how they relate to the world around them and recognizing shifting beliefs and attitudes. Consider: How do I relate to ________________(fill in the blank)? 

Let’s take this a step further:

Not only does this person have the culmination of the lessons of the 2 Personal Year, they have the Master Number 11 to work with.

9 (September) + 2 (Personal Year) = 11

11 is a Master Number of interconnecting the physical world with the spiritual world. It is a number of enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.  

What does this mean?

The month of September is a month where we are synthesizing our personal lessons for the year and the energies are likely playing out in a heightened way. If you haven’t been in synch with the energies, you are likely feeling the resistance or challenging aspects of the number vibrations.

Quick prompts to help you understand your personal numerology lessons for 2019

*below is a quick reference for the numbers and their traitsWhat is my personal year?What are those lessons? How have the energies associated with the ___ (personal year) played out for me this year?How have the low vibes of my __ (personal year) played out this year?This month, how am I specifically noticing the energies of the ___ (personal year & month)?What do I want to change?How can I best integrate the lessons of my personal year and month?

Know your numbers, know your lessons. Shift up. 

Quick reference to the numerology building blocks 1 – 9 and their superpowers.

1: The Boss. The Individual. The Leader.

Drive, Confidence, Hustle, Independence, Yang, Masculine Energy, Goal-Driven, Organized, FocusedWatch out for: Stubbornness. Stopping and starting. Burn out.

2: Love the One You’re With. 

Balance, Harmony, Relationships, Feminine

Intuitive, Sensitive, Agreeable, Diplomatic, Flow, Trust

Watch out for: Unhealthy or no boundaries. Co-dependence. 


3: Attraction Rather Than Promotion.

Creativity, Pizazz, Charisma, Influence, Intuition

Optimism, Wonder, Sass

Watch out for: Over-exertion of energy. Taking on too much. In-authentic communication.

4: Organization Station. 

Processes, Order, Tidiness,  Consistency, Routine

Organization, Stability, Roots, Foundation, Discipline

Watch out for: Control-freak behaviors. Analysis paralysis. 


5: Lightning Strikes Twice.

Adventure, Adrenaline, Freedom, Entertainment, Flexibility, Independence, Momentum, Change, Action, Dynamic Force

Watch out for: Crazy-making behaviors. Unnecessary drama. Inconsistency.

6: The Nester. The Nurturer. The Mother.

Comfort, Companionable, Nurturing, Nesting, Warm, Loving,

Authentic Connection, Unity, Service, Compassion, Protective

Watch out for: Neediness. Gossip. Overly protective attitudes. 

7: The Passionate Path of Pursuit.

Wisdom, Seekers, Philosophers, Quest for Truth, Metaphysics,

Heightened Awareness, Knowledge, Analytical, Mystery

Watch out for: Arrogance. Introversion. Detachment or isolation.


8: Risk & Reward.

Infinity, Fluidity, Abundance, Power, Prosperity, Initiating, Momentum, Risk and Reward, Expansion

Watch out for: Emotional highs and lows. Placing self-worth externally versus internally.

9: The Great Connection.

Experience, Integrity, Innate Wisdom, Connectedness, High Standards, Charisma, Influence, Relatable, Familiar

Watch out for: Unnecessary sense of urgency. Impatience. Perfectionism


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