This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the energy of the number 8. This guidebook will empower you to align the energy of 2024 with your personal journey, enabling you to handle the year’s ups and downs with confidence and motivation.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with the 2024 Numerology Guidebook!

I need this!

What are you available for?

In other words:   

I Am available for ____________.

Not clear on Your answer(s)?

What are you no longer available for?

In other words:
I Am no longer available for ____________.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative to clarify what’s in the rearview, paying it respectful homage as part of your experience. Then, mindfully open bold new chapters with courage and faith that a dynamic force of spirit is breathing new life into your being and perspective.

Purposeful activity and soulful empowerment, even in the face of fear or amidst the unknown can yield enlightened and enlivened results! 

Newfound clarity, serenity, freedom, and courage are available through:

1. slowing down enough to become present to and trusting your instincts

2. finding flow rather than constant engagement or attachments

3. practicing honesty with yourself about where your heart is 

Are you willing to be guided by the fluctuations of shifts & change influencing personal experiences, relationships, and environments, rather than resisting or attempting to control them?

  • Give examples of the forces of change occurring in your life or throughout the year. 

    • How have you reacted or responded?

    • What are the outcomes or lessons?

    • Are there any recurring themes?

What attitudes, actions, and beliefs are no longer acceptable to/for you?

  • Identify anything that creates limitations or barriers to your personal freedom and/or stability and serenity.

    • Are you willing to honor those “limitations” as lessons along your journey, growth factor, and experience, rather than allowing them to define or hold you back?

    • Can the limitations be recognized as endorsements for what you are specifically craving?

HINT: The underlying longing is often discovered in the opposition to your restriction.

Discomfort = comfort

Indecision = clarity

Disease = peace, ease or health & wellbeing 


Like the hummingbird, search for nectar, not the weeds

When you see yourself seeking out or expecting weeds (a constant challenge, pain-filled experience, or arduous climb), consciously notice that!

No shame or scorn, simply recognize that you are seeking and setting yourself up for weeding rather than enjoying the nectar.

The more mindful and present you become, the more capable you are of instinctually responding to hairpin triggers with greater grace, wisdom, and faith. 

Can you shift your sights to the nectar in both the
challenging and beautiful alike?



It is much easier to pinpoint pain than joy, fear than love; our ego conditions us to think and react in this manner. If you can bring awareness and attention to the joyful trigger points (like typically done in difficult situations), there is an opportunity for creating more experiences like this. 

Whatever you focus on can and will grow (weeds & nectar, alike) – even in a tumultuous world or challenging circumstances. 

Why ask why, when you can ask why not?

Be honest.
Are your instincts and actions predominantly fueled by:

Weeds or nectar? 

Joy or pain? 

Fear or love?

If it’s the latter in most cases, congratulations, you have this nectar recipe down!

Otherwise, you’re in the familir & conditioned boat most of us default into.


What fear-based thoughts, emotions, and actions can you identify?

  • Are you willing to refocus your energy, attention around how these fears may be limiting or confining you rather than motivating you?

    • Define how these fears currently create limitations rather than freedoms or motivation?

  • Can you offer understanding or recognition of how these fears were created out of survival as part of your circumstances?

    • This honest and earnest weed appraisal offers you the perspective of the potential nectar.

What “love, joy, nectar” based thoughts, emotions, and actions can you identify?

  • Are you willing to refocus your energy and attention around how this sweetness can be a motivation and awareness of your soul’s longings, calling or evolving destiny?

  • Are you willing to recognize these sweet experiences with as much clout as you give challenging events? 

Mindfully, harness the vibrational power of your highs to pave the way for more happiness, joy, freedom, stability/security, love, __________ (fill in your blank)!

Remember: Your thoughts and feelings are an energetic language that is as powerful if not more so than your actions. Think and feel higher, brighter, and more hopeful, and your karmic bank account will grow infinitely and spill over into the cosmos. 

So now, ask yourSelf again, what are you available for?