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Soulfully Emerging from the 2020-2021 Hangover

Meaningful Interactions | Re-Cognizing Consciousness Shifts | Parallel Timelines

The times, they are a-changin’
-Bob Dylan

Shifts in perspective and interpersonal dynamics may arise in the form of evolving beliefs and values. 

In closing out 2021, spend some quality time assessing and re-defining your beliefs core values. You may or may not be surprised by your personal growth or changing outlooks. 

When your inner world evolves, the external follows. This can be expansive and rocky alike.

Tip: If you find defining your beliefs & values challenging, you might want to start out with what you don’t believe or doesn’t align with what/whom you hold dear. 

As 2021 comes to a close, opportunities for activating your innate guru connection (your Higher Self, Oversoul & God or Source Energy) and practicing new levels of acceptance are unfolding through your interactions and interactions.

At this point of the year, you may feel like you’re emerging from a hangover – most conscious {and unconscious} sentient beings are exploring layers of trauma from this timeline and multiple aspects of self & soul experiences, wounding.

By intentionally combining thoughtful interactions with your Higher Self and each experience, a yield of personal and soulful evolutionary experiences and revelations will unfold in the closing months of 2021 and into early 2022. 

Reality Check:  Will all these experiences be pleasant, peaceful, and harmonious? Nope! 


  1. The tough interactions are poignant signals realigning you towards another pathway.

  • Accept them as they come gracefully as you can and ask for your route to be divinely redirected through an unfolding sequence of circumstances to follow.

  • Then, be open, receptive to what is.

  • Be mindful of shaming or blaming – that will only hinder or slow the miraculous opportunities awaiting you.

  • If you do get stuck in grudges, resentments, and brooding, it’s okay.

    • Notice it as a conscious observer.

    • Take quality action like an alternate nostril breathing technique or just a series of deep inhalations and exhalations to re-sync the right and left hemispheres of the brain and induce detoxification and life-force calisthenics into the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. 

    • Feel a reset

    • Repeat, repeat, repeat (if/when suffering or agitation arises) 

2. The miraculous occurrences are fissures in time-space reality that split us open like the billions of atomic particles we are made of and pause reality.

  • Recognize these breaks in time as “aha” moments of transcendence.

  • Literally, Re-Cognize this. {intentionally/consciously rewire your brain, system, patterning, and cognition}

    • Pause. Notice what you’re feeling, experiencing, and sensing.

    • Embody it. Breathe it in and through your entire being. (body-mind-soul)

    • “Care Bear Stare” (remember that?) Beam this untethered frequency out into the cosmos, your family, community, partner, or someone in need of healing and compassion.

  • Feel & experience grace and grace-full.

  • Smile – inside and out. (see if you can imagine or emanate it from your heart-center)

This is practical, effective, yet potent stuff. By using interactions – beautiful and messy alike mindfully, not only will doors open that were previously unavailable, insights, connections, healings, and profound spiritual experiences can and will occur. 

We are in both linear and parallel times of awakening to broader aspects of ourselves. So much is hidden auspiciously and simply in plain sight. The signs, talismans, and synchronicities are always there. Stop. Look. Listen.  

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine

…Hide it under a bushel, No! I’m gonna let it shine.”

-gospel song of unknown origin

Scan The Room. Determine who in your life can hold the space for you to share these experiences with. 

Some of the best wisdom I’ve received and continually practice is to share my intimate experiences (the painful ones alongside the wildly mind-blowing ones) with someone who is energetically aligned with what I am offering.

What the heck does “someone who is energetically aligned with what I am offering” mean?”

  • Be mindful to share a glorious event, occurrence, new opportunity with someone who can genuinely share in the joy, excitement, or exuberance of the experience with you rather than someone who may feel intimidated, jealous, or insecure. It’s okay; not a judgment, just human nature. We have all been on both sides of this coin.

  • When we are choosing to communicate our vulnerable experiences in a healthy way and confiding our intimate struggles in/with someone it is paramount that the person is trusted as well as someone who has a positive or successful track record in what you’re seeking guidance/wisdom around.

    • No offense or judgment; again, we are all human, ever-evolving and diverse – this is what makes life fun, interesting, and messy. #allthethings

    • As yourself: Does seeking relationship advice from someone in and out of unhealthy relationships sound like a great idea? No, probably not, but we all do stuff like that not recognizing this chosen/available person is likely not a vibrational match or in alignment with what we are seeking. 

Rule of Engagement: You cannot create or find soul-ution for an experience from the same level of consciousness it was created. Einstein recognized this.

So, scan the proverbial room for your folks who can hold space for whatever experiences arise this month. It is KEY to share and communicate this month (the messy and miraculous alike) don’t “hide it under a bushel.” This is a time for integrity in communication and interactions – no matter how frustrating or cosmic the experiences you encounter are. 

PSA: I’ve flubbed up and shared something with someone who is misaligned with me or conversely, someone shares something with me and I’m a misalignment for them.

We all experience growth, shifts, and evolve and are misaligned in certain instances or periods of time. 

I change.
You change.
People change.
Circumstances change. 

We have the choice to see these growth-spurts as rites of passage to learn and grow through the recognition of contrast rather than utilizing our energy in ineffective ways like fixating, pointing fingers, plotting revenge, attempting to fit a newly formed square peg into a round hole, or by playing the victim. 

As we all know, pain often generates powerful awareness, motivation, and potentially transformation of ourSelves and how we relate or don’t through our beliefs & values. Define those, and you’ll begin to notice what’s misaligned and what is aligned. Therein lies the pearl of wisdom, healing, and evolution, both personally and universally. 


Don’t be surprised if your focus, wants or what you’ve envisioned is shifting. Go with it and be open to changing your mind, heart, interactions, and strategies.  

The energy of 2021 encourages curiosity, exploration, and a bit of spontaneity – and we are starting to prepare for 2022… 

The last couple of months of 2021 and early 2022 may reveal not only changes of heart, but revelations from your soul. 

Intentionally Share.
Keep Seeking.


Meaningful interactions, aligned connections, and experiences fall into place; both challenging and miraculous.
I HAVE the foresight and presence to see reality as it is, knowing I qualified for this incarnation as a renegade of light into this master class timeline for self, soul, and humanity. 

I am a soulful human evolutionary bravely leading the edge of front line shifts in consciousness and awakening! 

Your intentionality has tremendous power to shift light-years of lifetimes and galaxies far,
far away into higher levels of consciousness and ultimately, more love rather than fear.

You are leading-edge renegades of light!

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