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Soul Sessions: Understanding Your Vulnerability Is Your Truest Strength with Master of Voice, Stewart Pearce

We are delighted to have the legendary Stewart Pearce on today’s show! As a world-renowned Voice & Presence Coach over the last 40 years, Stewart has inspired monumental change, giving voice to visionary figures like Margaret Thatcher and Diana, Princess of Wales

In 1987, Stewart experienced a life-changing encounter and received a Divine Transmission from 12 radiant orbs, revealing themselves as the Angels of Atlantis and has been spreading their loving grace and sacred teachings about enlightenment across the globe ever since.

In today’s episode, Stewart shares his incredible journey, from experiencing dyslexia & mutism as a child whose family served the royal family – to becoming an actor, renowned voice coach and spiritual guide. 

Stewart has illuminated the world with the revelation that our truest strength lies in embracing vulnerability and brings us a message of hope and inspiration. We are beings crafted for joy, vitality, and co-creation with nature, universe, and divine forces. As we step into our sovereignty now, it is in this space that we discover our intrinsic worth, power, and creative energies.

Stewart shares powerful messages:

  • Embrace and connect with your true voice – You are sovereign. You are the only being with your voice, your unique note. Why not dive into your richness, your worth, your power and express your creative energies! This is where divinity and vitality live. 
  • Remember that your vulnerability is your truest strength. Living in your truth is what you were hardwired to do. When you do so, you will encounter deeper joy, vitality, and co-creation with nature, the universe, the divine.
  • Be in collaboration and in community. Here you will find grace, stillness and connection – pay attention to those moments and people that bring energy of joy, delight and bliss into your life. We need each other!  

“Those of us that are of the soul and the heart – through sensitivity, through vulnerability, through compassion, through empathy, through kindness and through unconditional love, together we can bring about great change” – Stewart Pearce

For more from Stewart Pearce, check out his website, The Angels of Atlantis, along with his amazing books & oracle decks: 

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