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Soul Sessions: The Astrological New Year with Hannah Elsewhere

Astrologist, Hannah Elsewhere joins the show today to talk about the astrology of 2024, how Jupiter will affect us in the upcoming months, Eclipse Season, the North and South Nodes of the Moon, and so much more! 

This year feels revolutionary – we’re in a period of preparation for big cosmic shifts coming up over the next few years and a new energetic era is upon us! Consciousness is shifting and expanding, healing is happening faster & on a collective level, and our authenticity and voice is ready to show up to better speak our truths. 

On April 20th, Jupiter & Uranus will conjunct at the same point in the sky at the same time, which signifies a new beginning! This will lead to innovation and breakthroughs- so get ready to take a risk or find a new way of doing things. Get ready to be inspired in new energetic ways, express your originality, and break free from old habits! 


Questions to ask yourself in the upcoming months: 

  • Where have you seen yourself being more assertive?
  • Are you finding more balance and harmony in your relationships? 
  • Where can you break free from old habits?
  • What can you do differently? 
  • What do I value & how do we prioritize taking action around that?
  • How can I enrich & be more intentional about the relationships that are important to me? 
  • How do you feel blessed? 
  • Where do you see hope?


Important dates to be aware of this year:

  • Pluto in Aquarius: January 20 through September 1, and again starting on November 19
  • Astrological New Year/Spring Equinox: March 19
  • Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction: April 20
  • Jupiter in Gemini: May 20
  • 2024 Eclipses: March 25 , April 8, October 2, September 18


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