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Soul Sessions: Soul Sisters Part 2: Take Chances, Find Healing, & Be Open To New Experiences

Today’s bonus episode is Part 2 of Amanda’s heartfelt conversation with her sister, Mimi!

In this episode, Mimi opens up about how Amanda’s support helped her navigate the loss of their mother, and how that experience prepared Amanda for her own journey of loss.

Amanda shares intriguing stories of witnessing extraterrestrial aircrafts during a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and dealing with a ghost residing in her Texas home!

We delve into the beauty of healing at the end of life and the profound impact it can have on those left behind as Mimi introduces us to her new path as a death doula, providing comfort and guidance to those nearing the end of life.


Lessons to take away from today’s episode:


  • Don’t be afraid to take a chance on something new 
  • Prioritize your time & spend it wisely
  • Work will always be there, give your attention to things that matter
  • Our parents are humans just like we are
  • Getting to see healing at end of life is a gift beyond words 
  • The process of dying can be beautiful 

Tune in for an episode filled with raw emotion, spiritual insights, and life lessons that will resonate with everyone!

About Mimi:

Mimi Rieger is a renowned yoga instructor in Washington D.C. with 25 years experience who hosts international retreats and has graduated hundreds of students in her yogi training. Mimi has a unique ability to get people into their bodies and tweak anything out of alignment with their spirit.


Follow her on Instagram @MimiRiegerYoga and check her out online

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