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Soul Sessions: Navigating the Libra Full Moon Eclipse

As we enter eclipse season, the cosmic energies are intensifying, and the upcoming Libra Full Moon Eclipse on Monday, March 25th at 3 am ET will bring a powerful surge of transformation! 


In this bonus episode, Amanda shares the astrological and numerological significance of this celestial event and how to better utilize this season for growth and healing.


Are you tired of living the story you’re ready to grow out of and move past? It is time to shadowbox your fears and confront the monster in the closet! Old, karmic stuff may be coming up for you – do you really believe these old stories or are you ready to root them out with your heart and compassion?


Use this moment to your advantage! Eclipse’s trigger a 6-month cycle which either closes out or initiates a new chapter. Monday is a great day to journal, set intentions and work on clearing out your shadows. 

Get it on paper: 


I am healing…

I am recognizing…

I am letting go of…

I am rewriting behaviors that are limiting me…


Use the Ho’oponopono prayer: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you”.


This moon is a great time to heal imbalance within ourselves and bring in harmony. Embracing healing will bring you greater freedom and flexibility. It’s time to widen your perspective, and level up your energy! Have the courage to wipe away the fears in your head & heart to reach your infinite potential. 

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