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Soul Sessions: Listener Q&A: Deserving Abundance, A Fear of Love, and Managing Miracles

Taking Q&A to the next level! In this bonus episode, Amanda answers listener’s emails using her abilities to tap into beyond what’s written in the email and answering their soul’s deeper questions. 


Amanda does mini-readings for three of our listeners who wrote in looking for guidance. 


As she reflects back important messages from their souls. Look for the similarities in your life and where you can take these messages and apply them to your personal journey. 


Amanda answers important and relatable questions like: 


-How do I overcome imposter syndrome and feel like I belong? 

-How can I help my children reach their full potential and overcome obstacles?

-How can I find the reassurance and guidance I’m seeking? 

-Will I ever truly be loved one day?

-Where should I focus my energy for my career? 

-Should I stay in a relationship with issues, or are we just not compatible long-term?


Advice from Amanda:


-Remember, challenges are opportunities. Trust that you belong and that you deserve the abundance you’ve been afforded. 

-Questions around meaning and purpose provide us a beautiful opportunity to get clear in our truth. 

-When you fall into cynicism – see if you can say, “what is this showing me?” Where can you practice forgiveness and acceptance (especially with yourself)? 

-The opposite of suffering is peace. The opposite of disappointment is feeling recognized and a sense of approval. 

-Allow flexibility in your life and give yourself permission to change your mind. 

-Your language has power: replace the word busy with abundance. Remove should and try from your vocabulary.

-Ask yourself: is this person my person if they are never going to change? 


And most importantly, trust your voice! 

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