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Soul Sessions: Learning to Trust Your Intuition in Love & Dating

Amanda chats with our listener, Kristen, about how to better harness her intuition in her love life! 


Kristen has highly developed intuition in her professional life, but has hit some roadblocks as she struggles to follow her intuition when it comes to dating. 


Trusting her gut & connecting with people emotionally in a business setting is no problem for Kristen, however, on a personal level, she tends to go against her intuition and fight trusting herSelf.


Realizing that she’s a different person in how she shows up at work versus who she is on a date, Kristen asks Amanda for help on how to trust her gut in her love life! 


Amanda shares that when dating, we tend to be more focused on the other person’s energy and not on our own. We put up walls & boundaries while we feel out our potential partners; instead we can focus on connecting with ourselves, and how we’re truly feeling in order to find clarity and more authentic connections.  


Amanda shares crystal recommendations & great ways to clear your energy. Let go of older versions of yourself to make room for the new! 


Pay attention to your emotions: try inhaling and exhaling for 18-20 seconds to fully process the emotion and detox or let go of it if needed. 


Clear your energy with statements like: 

“I’m cleansing and clearing my energy”

“I am giving my worries, fears & doubts to you God, Earth, the Universe”

“These feelings are no longer mine to process”

“I’m clearing space for my truth, my light, and for the emotions I’m intended to hold space for at this time”


And remember, If you’re in the dating world – show up wholly as yourself and don’t forget to enjoy the journey! 


Crystals, Cleansing Tools, and Epsom Salt Recommendations: 


Aura Calisthenics + Energetic Boundaries for those who want to go “pro” with their consciousness:

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