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Soul Sessions: Learning To Trust with Seattle Seahawks In-Game Host, Carla Marie

Today’s episode is a live reading with Seattle Seahawks In-Game Host, Carla Marie! 


Amanda’s reading reveals insights on:

  • Self-reliance and trust issues
  • Taking things off your plate to make room for your talents
  • Asking your soul to help you make tough decisions
  • Love that allows individuality  
  • Finding richness in life 
  • Investigating yourself and soul searching


Carla Marie gets vulnerable and asks Amanda the big questions that have been weighing on her:

  • What’s next for her career?
  • Will she ever have children?
  • Is she going to move back home to be near her family?


A great tip from Amanda: 

Surround yourself with joyful people who make you laugh and feel light-hearted so you take yourself less seriously & have more fun! 

Tune into the Carla Marie & Anthony Show on Twitch on Thursday, September 14th at 8am PT / 11am ET for a chance to get a live reading from Amanda during their show! 


HOST: Amanda Rieger Green // @SoulPathology 

GUEST: Carla Marie // @TheCarlaMarie 

Carla Marie is the in-game host for the Seattle Seahawks, host of the Carla Marie & Anthony Show on Twitch, and host of The Morning Show Podcast (a show that gives you everything you need to start your day in under 25 minutes)!

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