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Soul Sessions: June Energy Forecast: Embrace Freedom, Flexibility, and Radical Change

Buckle your seatbelts, June is going to shake up the energy field this month! The energy of the 5-month is going to be drastically different from the 4 in May. June is about flexibility, adaptability and a shift in perspective. There is a new moon in Gemini on June 6th which will provide “lightning strikes” type energy so get your intentions ready. 

The numerology for June is a 5 (6 month + 8 year = 14, 1+4=5). The 5 is about variety, adventure, expansion, and freedom. The most challenging energy for a 5 is being stuck or bored. There will be tidal waves of energy this month, so take advantage of the moments when you feel creative, motivated, clear and on point. When you feel inspired, have a clear mind, and feel a surge of vitality – use it wholly and effectively (and then give yourself a pat on the back for doing so!). 

This month, the lessons that come up will be deep-seated karmic, energetic lessons that are challenging to navigate. If you are struggling over the next few weeks, don’t feel like you need to find the answers. Get centered and still and let it process through your body. A great antidote for this month is moving your body – whether it be going for a walk, dancing in your car, or doing jumping jacks – move your body consistently to rid yourself of the stagnant energy. 


Take 10 minutes for yourself to feel relaxed, flexible and free. Ask yourself: 

  • What does freedom look like to you today? 
  • When do you feel free? 
  • Free to be yourself? 
  • Free in the world? 
  • Feel Flexibile? Spontaneous? Creative? 
  • What feels like a big exhale for you? 
  • How are you going to use your freedom to embrace your freedom? 


Set an intention at the beginning of this month that joy, freedom, fun, adventure is yours for the taking!

  • What are your innate talents and gifts? 
  • What are you excellent at? 
  • Where do you feel useful, fulfilled, valuable in what you know how you do it? 
  • What are you really good at?
  • What talents do you do wholeheartedly and joyfully? 


If you can figure out your natural talents and use them – you will feel free. There is momentum on the horizon over the next 6 months for radical change and consciousness. Combining the 5 energy of the month + 8 the energy of the year is creative, empowered, risk and reward. Faith over fear – calculated risk – being prepared and taking a leap. 

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