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Soul Sessions: Is Mediumship A Sin? Navigating Grief and Religion with Medium Lindsay Marino

International Psychic Medium & Mentor Lindsay Marino talks about the influence her Catholic upbringing had on her, losing her boyfriend at a young age, and how she uses her 3rd grade teacher past to help others develop their mediumship gifts. 



  • What is evidential psychic mediumship? 
  • Is mediumship a sin?
  • Does being a medium change the way you grieve? 
  • Visitations & signs from spirit 
  • How Lindsay developed her gifts through the tragic loss of her boyfriend 
  • The concept that time is not linear


As an evidential psychic medium, Lindsay receives names, facts, and specific memories from spirit. She connects the evidence she receives with the presence of the deceased loved one in readings for her clients. 


Being raised Catholic, Lindsay didn’t know if she believed in psychics or whether the skill was a sin. After experiencing her own loss, Lindsay realized her gifts were loving, and she was able to recognize the healing that happens from a reading which changed her belief system.


Lindsay’s gifts developed with the loss of her boyfriend when she was 23 years old. It began with a visitation, then he came through a medium to a friend, which led Lindsay to begin the practice of automatic writing and taking classes to develop her mediumship. The signs she experienced kept her going and she knew that she wasn’t alone.


The conversation Lindsay had with her boyfriend the week before he passed helped her more than anything else. Amanda explains that time is not linear and how the divine pieces of the puzzle come together in miraculous ways that are not linear or logical. 


Lindsay talks about how she teaches her students how to develop and fine tune their mediumship skills and gives more tips on preparing for a psychic reading: 


  • It’s much easier to read someone who is open and curious with a seekers outlook
  • Focus on something comfortable, familiar, joyful, or happy to put your energy at ease for your reading 
  • Some people are ready for a reading and some people aren’t – and that’s okay



“Being a medium doesn’t change the human aspect because you’re still dealing with the pain, but you know the bigger picture and you know they’re around us and that helps…that’s what got me moving through my grief instead of avoiding it” – Lindsay Marino 

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