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Soul Sessions: How to Thrive in November: Finding Clarity, Joy, and Appreciation

We’re kicking off November by diving into the energies and experiences we’re all going to be faced with this month! 


November is a month of completion, closure, wisdom, and ascension. It’s the time to step into your integrity and highest character but it’s also a month of added stress, pressure, & responsibility which can lead to feeling overwhelmed instead of joyful during the holiday season. 


Amanda will talk through how to practically harness your energy this month to find deeper clarity and purpose. She will talk about the difference between gratitude & appreciation and how tapping into appreciation can be a game changer for shifting your outlook, finding more joy in your day, and taking you to a higher vibration in life! 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The numerology of November: it’s time to dream big!
  • Reducing clutter in your life to find greater happiness, health and wellbeing 
  • Showing up with integrity and compassion in your relationships and the world
  • Being more intentional and finding joy during the stressful holiday season
  • Learning to better communicate your needs 
  • Creating positive energy in daily interactions and clearing your energy field of resentment and negativity 
  • The difference between gratitude and appreciation


Join Amanda as she shares tips and insights on how to make the most of November to better align with your highest self! 


Questions to ask yourself when feeling overwhelmed:

  • What am I ready to let go of for the greater good? 
  • Where can I make sacrifices in my day?
  • What really matters? 
  • How can I better communicate my needs & ask for help?
  • How can I make greater meaning out of seemingly innocuous moments in my day?
  • Where can I find the rainbow in my clouds? 


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