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Soul Sessions: How Palmistry Can Help You Find Your Life Purpose with Vernon Mahabal

In this episode, Amanda explores the fascinating world of palmistry with Vernon Mahabal, founder of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles!

Vernon is a renowned palmistry expert who has given thousands of readings, various lectures, and authored four books on palm reading, including his latest, “Talk To The Hand”. 

Amanda and Vernon share insights on tapping into our internal guidance with intuition and how studying our palms can connect with the deepest aspects of our souls!


Topics include:

  • The history of palmistry
  • How palmistry can help us understand our passion and purpose in life
  • The overlap between astrology and palmistry: how our hands are like astrological charts, with the lines in our hands relating to houses, signs, and planets
  • The human goal of self-realization & how to recognize dormant forces within us
  • Plus – can your hand really tell you if you’re going to have a long or short life? 


Get curious, inspired, and empowered! 


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Check out “Talk To The Hand” by Vernon Mahabal HERE

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